Human Trafficking Response and Social Disparities Training
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Tenancingo Mexico the Sex Trafficking ExporterTenancingo Mexico the Sex Trafficking Exporter. Mexico is the exporter of  delicious tequilas, drugs, and sex trafficking. The City of Tenancingo located about 70 miles from Mexico City is country’s unofficial sex trafficking capital.  Sex trafficking as an occupation is passed on to males only from  families through generations. Residents of Tenancingo aspire to become human traffickers because the large, decadent and spacious homes. The sex traffickers treat their victims like they are nothing more than currency. Some liberal social anthropologist might argue that we should objective and non judgmental of the residents of Tenancingo because this is their culture. The sex traffickers are ruthless amoral people with no regard for human beings.


Sex Trafficking Victims Are Unwilling Participants

Tenancingo Mexico the Sex Trafficking ExporterAccording to the U.S. State Department states the City of Tenancingo is the largest sex slave exporter.  Women and children are kidnapped by Tenancingo Sex Traffickers and are sent to Queens NYC to work as prostitutes. NYC. https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2014/06/30/pimp-city-tenancingo


Why Doesn’t the U.S. Readdress The Nations Priorities

Tenancingo Mexico the Sex Trafficking ExporterTenancingo Mexico the Sex Trafficking Exporter. In the United States we have social problems from Mexico’s illegal importations of sex trafficking victims and drugs. The U.S. government are more interested in curbing undocumented Mexicans illegally entering into the United States for a better life, then halting the drugs and sex trafficked victims who end up in Queens NYC working as prostitutes.

Check out the Video: https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/11/10/mexico-tenancingo-feast-day-romo-pkg-cfp.cnn


Tenancingo Mexico the Sex Trafficking Exporter

Accredited CE – 3 Contact Hours featuring FBI Agent, DNP APN & Victim Survivor

Checkout Sex Trafficking Video: https://htrsd.org/product/sex-trafficking-victim-identification-and-response-training-for-the-emergency-department/