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Registered Nurses Working To End The Cycle of Hate

Registered Nurses Working To End The Cycle of Hate by practicing, acceptance, kindness and tolerance. In every clinical venue, I have cared for multiracial and multiethnic population. I still see forms of Racism, ethnocentrism, discrimination, hate and prejudice are in abundance in our country. Here we are in 2019, and we have had an African American President. Still we are nowhere near getting past the culture of hate. Most of my dearest friends are Hispanic and Black. But I didn’t grow up that way because of residing in a mostly middle class white community. In high school I had a few Black friends that played team sports together. But the military and through my experiences working as a Registered Nurse that introduced me into a whole new world. After being in the midst of multiethnic friends, now I have far more faith in the people of color then I do the white compatriots. When I was in the hospital getting my knee surgery, two of my white friends came. Several of my black and Latino friends came to visit me. Most recent my wife and I were invited to baby Shower. These events as I remember are not particularly fun. We went to a Baby Shower on a Saturday night for a family friend. I can tell you one thing;  the Puerto Rican people know how to throw down a party with really good music, fun, & food.

I appreciate the loyalty & kindness People of Color have towards family and friends.

Until befriending people of color,  I have not really experienced that kind of loyalty & kindness before in my earlier life. Outside my immediate family, we are not tight and it is not like I have not tried but it is what it is! The friends I had growing up have moved on to other areas etc. So I appreciate the new friends and really enjoy learning about new cultures as well as traditions. There is good and bad people in all ethnicities, races, and religions. No one group is superior over the another.

Registered Nurses Working To End The Cycle of Hate

What is Motivating Hate?

I don’t know what motivates people to hate one another because of the ethnicity and race. I sure as heck don’t understand why people want to join a Hate Group?  You take a look at Southern Poverty Law Center “Hate Map” on their Website. Its astounding how many Hate Groups are currently in existence. https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map

I don’t have the answers as to what motivates people to Hate that is based on ethnicity, race, creed, religion & color. None of it makes any sense to me. Ethnically & Racially motivated hate and violence is not only indigenous within the United States because there was genocide of the Jewish people by the Nazi’s.

Within the United States some nut shot up a church congregation in Texas. The same thing happened at another church group in South Carolina. The Pittsburg Synagogue shooting.  Then the El Paso shooting. How do you come to terms with the Culture of Hate?

Registered Nurses Working To End The Cycle of Hate. As Registered Nurses we can do more help the end the cycle of hate by practicing tolerance towards our patients and coworkers. No one person is going to fix this worlds problems associated with hate. But we can make a difference by practicing acceptance  and tolerance of others.

Read about Racism in Nursinghttps://htrsd.org/product/racism-in-nursing-an-under-addressed-problem/