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People who publicly masturbatePeople who publicly masturbate. What is up with men who masturbate in public? Consider this, my wife and I are driving in my truck on a three lane interstate. We are in the far left lane  and pass a vehicle in the middle one. My wife blurts out; hey that guy is jerking off and smiling! I exclaimed, what! Sure enough, I glance over to see his hand going up and down flogging himself.

I am thinking of myself why people do this sort of lude thing? In review of the explanations available online, there are a number of reasons why someone chooses to expose oneself or do a lude sex act publicly. Some reasons are they are angry at women and shocking and or humiliating gives a sense of power. The man gets aroused to maliciously create fear for the woman. The man hates himself and is addicted to his own shame.  A man may expose himself to reassure his manhood is intact. I know it is common because we saw in the vehicle and a similar event happened to a girlfriend in college. Masturbating in public is exhibitionism, which is a mental disorder. It is illegal to publicly commit a sexual act and or expose one’s genitals. It is also an assault and sexual harassment, if a consent was not given.

Women being masturbated in public, isn’t as rare as you might think

People who publicly masturbate. According to the author of this article, he tweeted one woman’s experience of being masturbated at this morning, the response was overwhelming. A deluge of replies flooded in from women who had experienced the same thing. From grandmothers to girls who were six when it first happened, their reports came from London, Sydney, Frankfurt, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Ukraine, Peru, and even Vatican City. Within two hours, over 400 women and girls had come forward with their own experiences of being masturbated at.

To read more about the article: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/womens-blog/2014/jun/26/women-being-masturbated-at-in-public

People who publicly masturbate. For me, the whole public exhibitionism adversely affects my moral compass. Moreover with regards my wife’s experience, it just pisses me off that someone has no regard. But getting past the moral issue and the angry, I wonder if that kind of exhibitionism behavior could lead to an uncontrollable desire to commit sexual assault and or violence against women? The reason I ask this question, is because psychologist have said that pornography affects people differently. That there are some people who have a uncontrolled urge to seek even more provocative  intense kinds of porn.  Could that same rationale apply to some men who are public exhibitionist?

People who publicly masturbate

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