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Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. In April 2018 President Trump signed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which was combined with the Senate’s Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. Following the signage of the bills,  Sex Workers are angry. I just don’t see eye to eye with the sex workers rationale the online community ought to be a free for all to do whatever. Anyone who has followed my blogs knows that at HTRSD.ORG we specialize in combatting Human Trafficking and Social Disparities through education. FOSTA and SESTA purpose is to prohibit online Sex Trafficking. A lot of these online platforms like Backpages were shutdown because of the sex trafficking of women and children.

Clarksville police ‘skip the games’ in prostitution sting …

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. Since the FOSTA/SESTA, and closing on Backpages, there are a multitude of new online sex worker platforms up online and hosted in countries outside of the United States. But there are thousands of women selling sex for hire on websites like SKIP THE GAMES, which is a far more graphic online prostitution site: http://skipthegames.com/\

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. We are right back where we started from with the SKIP THE GAMES and all the rest of the online Sex For Hire Platforms. The FBI isn’t going to hire a 1000 new Special Agents to investigate the new platforms. Instead the local law enforcement and the FBI run Child Sex Stings to catch predators and also bust sex trafficking rings.

Sex workers say anti-trafficking law fuels inequality

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. Sex Workers feel their future is in jeopardy with the SESTA/FOSTA Bills. Sex workers feel that the anti-trafficking laws fuels inequality. They think that the stopping the online advertising puts them in jeopardy. Maybe it does put them in jeopardy but the last time I checked, prostitution was legal in certain areas within the State of Nevada. People like these sex workers who are protesting are so far out in clueless land that it defiles reason and accountability. As I said earlier there are a multitude of new online sex platforms like SKIP THE GAMES hosted in other countries. Obviously there is sex worker advertising taking place, though I wish there wasn’t.

Try to explain all of this bruhaha about sex workers inequality to the Children who are Commercially Sexually Exploited! Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid!

Read about Sex workers say anti-trafficking law fuels inequality https://www.marketplace.org/2019/04/30/sex-workers-fosta-sesta-trafficking-law-inequality/