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Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. This is an absurd policy shift on the part of a country, whose is host to the mecca of human slavery! The City of Tenancingo, is ground zero for sex trafficking. The entire City of Tenancingo’ s commerce is driven around kidnapping women to be sold for sex within Mexico and trafficked into the United States, the chiefly the Borough of Queens NYC.

Corruption Within Mexico 

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking FundingMexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. The Mexican government’s rationale for redirecting the funding from the anti trafficking NGOs to the shelters and to the care for trafficking victims due to corruption. Well, when the bow breaks the cradle will fall! The cradle has fallen in the country of Mexico. This is a country that unofficially tolerates the exportation of sex slaves and drugs. A country that is so devoid of human dignity, that its own population is making a mass exodus into the United States. If there ever was a clearer example of mass corruption, then the country of Mexico would be the best choice.

Reuters: https://www.freedomunited.org/news/mexico-ends-all-funding-for-anti-trafficking-ngos/


Politically Correct Trafficking In Persons 2018 Report – Mexico

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding


Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. This particular report created by the U.S. State Department is by design meant to placate to the Country of Mexico. Everyone is trying to be politically correct. Mexico has been polluting the United States with its internal corruption,  which has lead to powerful drug cartels who import drugs and sex traffickers sending victims into the United States. I have read news articles stating its a hypocrisy to hold Mexico accountable for the illegal exportation of drugs by the cartels operating within their country. This rationale was based on the fact that the United States is unable to stop the narcotics from entering into our country. I would say that both countries have a shared responsibility for the illegal narcotics entering into the United States from Mexico. These drug cartels are jointly engaged in both drug and human trafficking. I wonder what the reaction would be if groups within the United States were illegally exporting drugs and human trafficking into the country of Mexico?

According to the UN Refugee Agency Trafficking In Persons 2018 Report published by the U.S. Department of State; the Mexican government demonstrated increasing efforts by prosecuting more traffickers than in the previous year; identifying and providing support to trafficking victims subjected to forced labor in Mexico and abroad; and launching a new national awareness-raising campaign. This 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report on Mexico isn’t worth the print space it occupies. How can the Mexican government talk out both sides of its mouth? Its a completely incongruous with the truth for the Mexican government to lay claim to wanting to stopping Sex Trafficking and unofficially tolerate the dealings taking place in the town of Tenancingo, which has been occurring since the 1950’s.

Trafficking In Persons 2018 Report – Mexico: https://www.refworld.org/docid/5b3e0ad318.html


Tenancingo: the Sex Trafficking Mecca

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking FundingMexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. Tenancingo has population of 11,000 residents and is home to 5 of 10 of the most wanted Sex Traffickers. The sex trafficking began there in the 1950’s. These sex traffickers are in collaboration with Mexico’s drug cartels. Years ago the traffickers use to resort to kidnapping and the use of force to acquire victims. The traffickers now travel around Mexico looking to deceive poor, uneducated and vulnerable women. The traffickers are families that sponsor religious festivals and operate with total impunity. The Sex Traffickers are revered by their fellow residents and young people look up to them. The Sex Traffickers live in spacious mansions and have accoutrements such as fancy expensive cars and trucks. In December 2012, the Mexico sent their Army to rescue police officers who were nearly executed for trying to arrest a someone related to a trafficker’s family.

Tenancingo: The Small Town At The Dark Heart of Mexico’s Sex-Slave Trade:




Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding

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