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Human Trafficking Africa Versus United States.  The specifics of human trafficking facts listed for Africa in this interesting post from Borgen Magazine point out both the similarities and differences in the problem of human trafficking across the globe, and point out that solutions require an understanding of the many factors that influence the form trafficking takes on different continents and in different countries.

Human Trafficking in Africa Versus United States. Africa is home to armed conflicts, government corruption and extreme poverty. Consequently, many people are living in or seeking to escape these conditions. By trying to get out of the continent to a better place, these people face a high risk of human trafficking. Large, profitable networks of human traffickers often go on uninterrupted because of the disunity between African countries. In the text below, the top 10 facts about human trafficking in Africa are presented.

Top 10 Facts About Human Trafficking in Africa

  1. here are 9.2 million Africans that are victims of modern slavery as of 2016, accounting for 23 percent of total global modern slavery. Africans are vulnerable to forced labor, sexual exploitation and forced marriages.
  2. Human trafficking in Africa is a $13.1 billion industry. Out of this number, $8.9 billion comes from sexual exploitation. Victims of sex trafficking yield $21,800 each due to high demand, so even while forced labor has three times more victims, sexual exploitation generates more than double the profits.
  3. No African country completely complies with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA), minimum standards for fighting human trafficking. Twenty-two African countries fall under Tier 2 that acknowledges that significant efforts are being made towards improvement and 19 other countries fall under Tier 2’s watch list, indicating that not enough progress has been made in the country. Nine countries, eight of which are not considered free, fall under Tier 3, where significant efforts have not yet been made.

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