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Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. How many people have to die from opioid overdoses, before there is political and social policy change? Every eleven minutes a new person has overdosed and died, which translates into over 5 an hour, 130 a day, 3,927 a month, 47,127 a year and those estimates are on the low side. Heroin and Cocaine is cut with Fentanyl, which is 50 times more potent then Heroin. Opioid epidemic has killed more people then gun violence and motor vehicle accidents. The Attorney General said over 2 million people are addicted to Pain Killers.




Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. Thousands of families have lost and will lose members to opioid overdoses. Those people who are callous and lack empathy say its not their problem are correct that they didn’t cause it. Take in the consideration that the apathetic ones can be victimized from the extremes addicts will do to support their addiction; Murder, Assault, Prostitution, Burglary, Shoplifting, Robbery, Forgery, Credit Card Fraud, Receiving Stolen Property, Fencing, Conspiracy, Illegal possession of Firearms, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, Extortion, Threat of Violence. Any innocent person can become a victim of any of these crimes, driven by an addict desperate to get money to buy drugs.



Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. How much more addiction research, studies, charts, graphs and statistics is needed before the Federal Government wakes to the UNDENIABLE FACT that thousands of people are dying from Opioid Overdoses and the War on Drugs is Lost?

We don’t need the news media telling us that Opioids Kills thousands of people. Tell it to the very small children in the elementary school, so they don’t fall victim. addiction researchers are tracking how many overdoses are fatal versus non-fatal and how is that going to stop overdoses? I have had it up to my back teeth hearing about community awareness and drug rehabilitation facilities touting their recovery success stories, because none of that is going to stop the overdoses unless the addict is in treatment. Do the government leaders understand that the opioid overdoses are those people that are not in inpatient drug treatment?

These opioid users are in the alley ways, sitting in cars, in the woods, behind a bush, in abandoned buildings, in a public restroom, in the public parks, under an overpass, homeless, in a tent, in a residence, a flop house and playgrounds shooting up, snorting and popping pills!

If the goal is to tell the nation that the U.S. has Opioid Epidemic then congrats!!!!

If the goal is to reduce the number of Opioid Overdoses then the United States needs a social and legal policy right now.



Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. These addicts are not going to quit using Opioids until they are ready to get treatment or they are dead from an overdose. I want to see something in boiler plated in law that will help STOP OVERDOSES! The only thing that is going to work to decrease Drug Overdoses is the implementation of the Safe Injection Sites. A place where the an addict can go the drug under the supervision of medical professionals. It has worked in other countries and it will work here in the United States.

Article in Favor of Safe Injection Sites: NJ Assemblywoman says safe injection sites could save lives


Article Against Safe Injection Sites:  Safe injection site’ denounced as false solution to Philadelphia drug problem


Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death

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