How do you call an ambulance in Berlin?

Dial 112 to call an ambulance in Berlin. This is the number for all emergencies, anywhere in Europe.

How do you call an ambulance in Germany?

There are two emergency numbers in Germany: 112 for the fire brigade / ambulance & 110 for the police.

What number do you call for an ambulance in Germany?

In case of emergency, always dial 112 or 110!

Police (calling from a German landline or cellphone) 110
Ambulance & Paramedics (calling from a German landline or cellphone) 112
Out-of-Hours Medical Care (calling from a German landline or cellphone) 116 117
Aids/HIV Helpline +49 (0)40 19411
Alcoholics Anonymous +49 (0)40 2713353

Is it free to call ambulance in Germany?

Calls to both numbers are free of charge and can be made from a landline, pay phone or a mobile phone, even if your phone is locked.

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Can you call 911 in Germany?

In most emergency cases, calling 112 in Germany will be the appropriate equivalent to calling 911. If the presence of the police is required, they can dispatch the police as well. However, a separate police emergency number exists: 110.

What is the emergency number in Berlin?

If you need to call the emergency services, call 112. For the police, call 110.

How much does it cost to call ambulance in Germany?

Ambulance. If a doctor says you need immediate treatment – i.e. in emergencies – transport to hospital is free. Usually you pay 10% of transport costs, from a minimum of €5, up to a maximum of €10, but not more than the actual cost. This fee is not reimbursed.

Is calling 112 free?

112 is a common emergency telephone number that can be dialed free of charge from most mobile telephones, and in some countries, fixed telephones in order to reach emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police).

Is 123 an emergency number?

911 for all emergency services. 110 for a patrol police response, 112 to report a traffic accident, 120 for medical assistance and 119 for fire services. 122 for the police, 123 for medical assistance, or 180 to report a fire.

What is the emergency phone number in Germany?

Off post, please call 112 for a medical emergency or 110 for an emergency that requires the help of the German Polizei.

How long does it take for an ambulance to arrive in Germany?

It takes on average 9 seconds to answer a 112 call in Germany according to EU estimation. Calling 110 and 112 is free of charge. Both numbers are available at any time and from any location in Germany.

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How do I go to emergency room in Germany?

For life-threatening emergencies in Germany, you should dial 112, for free, from any cell phone, landline, or payphone. However, if a situation is not life-threatening, but you still need medical attention, you can go to the emergency room at your nearest hospital.

How do I call 112 from abroad?

Dial “112.” Don’t call 911 as you would in the United States; that number doesn’t work in Europe. Dialing 112 from any country in the European Union (EU) will connect you to emergency services, such as police, fire, and ambulance services. (See the list of European Union member countries.)

What happens if I call 911 in Germany?

if you call 911 you will reach your local police, ambulance and fire.

How do you call police in Germany?

The quickest way to contact the police is by phone. The central emergency telephone number of the police is 110. Calls to this number can be made from landline telephones, public telephones and mobiles.

How do I contact the police in Germany?

In an emergency in Germany, call one of the following numbers from any telephone:

  1. Police: 110.
  2. Fire service: 112.
  3. Medical service: 112.