How can I watch the ambulance in Australia?

Watch Ambulance Australia | Prime Video.

What channel is Australian ambulance on?

Tuesdays 9.00pm on Channel 9.

How many seasons Ambulance Australia?

Ambulance Australia is an Australian factual television program on Network 10 that follows the New South Wales and Queensland Ambulance Services, from the Triple Zero Control Centres to paramedics on the road.

Series overview.

Series 2
Episodes 8
Originally aired First aired 26 February 2019
Last aired 30 May 2019

Does Netflix Australia have ambulance?

08.Is Ambulance Australia on Netflix? No Ambulance Australia is not available on Netflix.

Is Ambulance Australia coming back?

Ambulance Australia returns to Wednesday nights in February. Lisa Wilkinson narrates the observational series which follow the Queensland Ambulance Service frontline.

How many series of ambulance are there?

Ambulance (TV programme)

No. of series 8
No. of episodes 56
Running time 57-60 minutes

What time is ambulance on tonight?

Ambulance – on BBC One tonight at 9pm.

What day and time is ambulance on?

When is Ambulance on? Ambulance season five starts TONIGHT (May 30, 2019) at 9pm on BBC One. It will then air every Thursday nights at the same time each week for six episodes. Any you miss you can watch on the iPlayer – where you can catch up with past episodes NOW.

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Who is the voiceover for ambulance Australia?

Lisa Wilkinson has revealed that her role as the narrator of Network Ten’s emotional reality show, Ambulance Australia, can leave her feeling raw. The 60-year-old told The Daily Telegraph that one scene on the program, which follows real life dispatchers and paramedics, hit home.

Is the show paramedics real?

Season 3 of ‘Paramedics’ is now showing!

This real-life factual Paramedic TV show follows Victorian Paramedics, giving an unprecedented insight into the lives of our emergency service heroes.

What is the ambulance number in Australia?

Call triple zero (000) for ambulance, fire or police in an emergency.

What is the ambulance?

An ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle which transports patients to treatment facilities, such as hospitals. Typically, out-of-hospital medical care is provided to the patient. Ambulances are used to respond to medical emergencies by emergency medical services (EMS).