What does every EMT need?

What do EMTs have in their pockets?

A quick look at today’s EMS personnel in the field shows the multitude of items EMTs and paramedics carry in their pockets: gloves, stethoscope, penlight, shears, rescue hooks, hand wipes, walkie-talkie, cell phone, Sharpies – even breath mints! Clearly, EMS workers need pockets. And lots of them!

Do EMTs have to buy their own uniforms?

Typically EMS workers buy their own trauma shears and stethoscopes. Many also buy supplementary, non-medical, items such as multi-tools or stuffie toys for very young patients. In some organizations, they must buy their own uniforms and footwear. Then, there are two types of EMTs.

What should every EMT know?

What are the skills and responsibilities of EMTs?

  • Perform CPR and use an AED.
  • Bandage wounds.
  • Stabilize head and neck injuries.
  • Stabilize broken bones.
  • Resuscitate drowning victims.
  • Provide oxygen to patients.
  • Perform emergency childbirth procedures.
  • Assess health emergencies.

Can EMS wear shorts?

Our department requires that on call firefighters who are wearing shorts when responding to a medical must cover them with either Wildland Gear or Structural gear.

What do EMTs carry in their pants?

Cargo pockets are perfect for stashing these and other essential items:

  • Flashlight.
  • Gloves, with or without a glove pouch.
  • Hand wipes and sanitizer.
  • Knives, seatbelt cutters and glass-breakers.
  • Masks.
  • Medical pocket guides.
  • Multi-tool (if you’re not putting it on your belt)
  • Pen and notebook.
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What color scrubs do EMT wear?

Dark blue, often also associated with police officers, is a very common color among ems and fire ems professionals.

What do EMT students wear?

Paramedics and EMTs in one city might be issued a long and short sleeved white dress shirt, a long and short sleeved duty shirt in a dark color, black pants, a dark polo shirt, a dark fleece pullover sweater, steel-toed boots, and a winter coat.

Do EMTs wear scrubs?

In order to help those in need easily distinguish who is there to help them, emergency responders wear an EMT uniform while they work. These uniforms are both professional and functional, helping soothe those in need through the calming appeal of having an obvious professional on hand.

How do I clear my airway EMT?

Portable Suction

The first priority in any respiratory emergency is to clear the airway. A head tilt, chin lift maneuver is used to open the airway. You use your portable suction device to remove some mucus that has pooled in the oropharynx. No vomit or blood is seen.

How do EMTs treat stridor?

Treatment for this patient would include transport in a position of comfort that allows him to manage his secretions—most likely sitting upright, if not in the tripod position in which he presented.

What is the most important thing in EMS?

Properly moving patients is also one of the most important EMT responsibilities. EMTs must always lift and carry patients in a manner that insures their safety. They must also take steps to insure their own safety and avoidance of injury.

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