Quick Answer: What can I call instead of 911?

What are alternatives to calling the police?

Now, we take a look at a few of the real-world alternatives to the police services.


What is the difference between 911 and 311?

A 911 call must be an emergency, and 311 is for non-emergencies that still require authorities.

Can you call 911 without dialing 911?

— A new iPhone feature allows users to call for help without actually dialing 911. WQAD reported that the feature on Apple’s IOS 11 operating system allows users to tap the sleep/wake button five times to contact emergency services.

What is the difference between 911 and 811?

911 is the number to call for life-threatening emergencies; however, many Canadians are calling 911 for other reasons that are better handled by 211 Navigators. In some provinces, 811 is the number that residents call for help finding health information and services.

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How do I stop calling the police?

Make a list of local hotlines and services you can call instead of calling police. Create a network of friends and neighbors you can call for support during a crisis. Seek out POC-led groups that will train you in first aid, crisis de-escalation and transformative justice.

What can you do instead of police in Chicago?

Find alternatives to calling the Chicago Police Department.

  • 24-Hour Housing Helpline open to young people age 14-26. LGBTQ+ affirming.
  • 1 (866) 803-8336.
  • Text: (312) 625-1858.
  • Non-Emergency: (773) 833-0025.

What happens when you call 411?

411 Search is directory assistance with automatic call completion. An operator will assist you when you request: Phone numbers. Addresses.

When did 911 start Philadelphia?

The first call to 911 was placed in February of 1968.

How do you call an ambulance in Ontario?

911 – Emergency number for police, fire and ambulance for life threatening situations.

What happens if I accidentally call 911?

What should I do if I accidentally dial 911? If you dial 911 by mistake, or if a child in your home dials 911 when no emergency exists, do not hang up – that could make 911 officials think that an emergency exists, and possibly send responders to your location. Instead, simply explain to the call-taker what happened.

Can you text 911?

Yes. While all wireless phones have the capability to dial 911 regardless if that phone is active on a network, you can only send a text to 911 if you use a cell phone that has an active texting plan. Your mobile carrier’s regular texting rates will apply. Text-to-911 is a new service.

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What happens if you accidentally call 911 on Iphone?

If you accidentally dialed 911, do not hang up, explain to the dispatcher that you called by mistake. If you hang up, the dispatcher will call you back. By not answering that call, the dispatcher will send police to your home.

What is 411 used for in Texas?

Call 4-1-1 for phone numbers and addresses for people and businesses.

What is 611 used for in Texas?

611 – Reserved (local telephone company repair)

What are special service numbers?

What are Special Services numbers? Special services numbers (otherwise called Non-Geographic numbers) are ’08’ telephone numbers. Unlike ordinary landline numbers beginning ’01’ and ’02’, the numbers do not relate to any particular geographic location.