Question: Can EMTs wear sneakers?

What kind of shoes does EMT wear?

What Boots do EMS/EMTs Wear? The most commonly worn EMS boots are all black protective boots comprised of leather and/or nylon materials. These boots usually feature a lace-up design and, in some cases, a side YKK zipper. However, EMS does occasionally wear slip-on boots if their employer approves it.

What do you wear as an EMT in training?

A: Dress comfortably, you will be listening to lectures and taking notes on Lecture Days so “classroom attire” is fine. No flip-flops or open toed shoes on skill days though. For your ride-alongs you must wear a white-button up collared shirt, black slacks or uniform pants, and black shoes or boots.

What should I wear to my EMT ride along?


  • Black boots or sneakers.
  • Navy blue pants.
  • Black belt.
  • Plain, white Polo shirt (no logos and tucked in)
  • Do not wear make-up, jewelry or hats.
  • Men should have a clean shave and women should wear their hair up.

Are EMT boots slip resistant?

The Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 tactical boots are an excellent choice for EMTs. These boots are durable, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. The padded collar protects the ankle and instep regions of the foot. These Smiths steel toe boots are also slip-resistant PERFECT for working in challenging environments.

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How long do EMS boots last?

5.11 A.T.A.C.

The 5.11 A.T.A.C Storm. I have owned multiple pairs of these boots and they are my preferred EMS boot. The typical lifespan with proper care is around 3-4 years.

Can EMT wear earrings?

You may wear small earrings that do not draw attention. No hanging/dangling earrings allowed. Anything in your nose might be considered to be too garish to wear.

Do EMTs have to wear their hair up?

Answer: Yes, medical assistants must wear their hair up and out of their face if their health institution requires them to do so. … Keeping the hair of a medical assistant up and out of the way of the patient is a safety issue rather than a beauty concern.

Do EMTs wear scrubs?

In order to help those in need easily distinguish who is there to help them, emergency responders wear an EMT uniform while they work. These uniforms are both professional and functional, helping soothe those in need through the calming appeal of having an obvious professional on hand.

Can Emts wear skirts?

Yes, you can. I have been actively working in EMS for the last five years and I have always worn a skirt for Religious reasons. I wear leggings under my skirt that repeal water. My skirt has multiple pockets in it for all of the things we need in a moments notice.

What happens at your first EMT ride along?

Take criticism well, be on time, be nice, be involved, stay calm, remember to be courteous to family/other EMS, listen and learn, have fun! Immediately ask what the expectations of the folks you’ll be riding with are. Some will want you to dive right in, others prefer if you hang back a bit and observe.

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