Is inside the ambulance real?

A lot of the footage is actually shot by us, the ambulance crews, as the ambulance and each of us as individuals were rigged from top to bottom with GoPro cameras – so viewers see everything that we do. It was an amazing process to be part of!

How is inside the ambulance filmed?

Inside the Ambulance provides viewers with a unique perspective of life on the emergency services frontline by using body worn cameras and cameras mounted on and in the ambulance which capture everything the ambulance crew come across whilst on shift.

Who makes inside the ambulance?

The series, which is produced by Brown Bob Productions, uses GoPro cameras mounted inside an ambulance and on crew members to get viewers closer than ever to the work of ambulance crews. The first ten series were filmed with West Midlands Ambulance Service in Dudley, Stoke and Willenhall.

What side is inside the ambulance on?

Inside the Ambulance, which follows the fantastic work of West Midlands Ambulance Service returned for a 10th series on W Channel in May to provide viewers with a truly unique perspective on the incredible real-life action and human stories experienced by our emergency workers at one of Britain’s busiest ambulance …

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Is Hannah Simkins still a paramedic?

My name is Hannah Simkins and I’m a paramedic for the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

How big is the inside of an ambulance?

Type 2 Ambulance Models Specs

EX Sprinter 25OO Transit T25O
Overall Length 243″ (617 cm) 236″ (599 cm)
Overall Width 79″ (201 cm) 98″ (249 cm)
Overall Height* 75″ (191 cm) 103″ (262 cm)
Headroom 76″ (193 cm) 69″ (175 cm)

Where is the new series of ambulance filmed?

Series 5, again following the North West Ambulance Service, was split into two parts: the six episodes aired in 2019 were filmed in Manchester, and the six episodes shown in 2020 were filmed in Liverpool.

What channel is ambulance on 2021?

BBC One – Ambulance – Next on.

What channel is 999 rescue squad on?

999 Rescue Squad is back tonight with another brand new episode – 10pm on W Channel.

Where can I watch the ambulance in the UK?

Currently you are able to watch “Ambulance” streaming on Sky Go, Virgin TV Go.