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Drug waivers to join the military

Drug waivers to join the military. Offering men and women who use drugs a second chance to join the military is a valuable alternative to turn their life around. Its a fact that changing one’s environment for the better greatly diminishes drug relapse.  The person is getting an opportunity to accomplish something to proud of, which will help instill self respect. The opposite is deny them opportunities and they get farther long into drugs. Then eventually one day enters a Drug Treatment facility, which have a horrible success record contrary to what they actually report. Most of this population are on State Medicaid so the Taxpayers are eating the costs of these failed programs. The U.S. Army is using drug waivers to fill their ranks.


Army using drug waivers, bonuses to fill ranks

Drug waivers to join the militaryUnder the gun to increase the size of the force, the Army is issuing more waivers for past drug use or bad conduct by recruits, and pouring an extra $200 million into bonuses this year to attract and retain soldiers.

According to data obtained by The Associated Press, nearly one-third of all the waivers granted by the Army in the first six months of this fiscal year were for conduct and drug problems, mainly involving marijuana use. That number is significantly higher than the other three military services, and represents a steady increase over the past three years.



French Foreign Legion

Drug waivers to join the militaryDrug waivers to join the military. You might be thinking am I nuts? The idea of taking people with a bad background into the military but this is not unheard of. The French Foreign Legion accepts men who are from any country in the world with criminal backgrounds except murder. The Legion has high standards and their training is grueling. The French Foreign Legion has fought gallantly in more combat engagements then most any other military force.


Americans struggle to meet the French Foreign Legion’s high bar

Drug waivers to join the militaryCAMP DE CARPIAGNE, France — For almost 200 years, the French Foreign Legion has prided itself on offering a haven for men yearning for adventure and a new start in life.
It was just what “Edward,” a 24-year-old Californian, was looking for after he was booted out of the U.S. Marine Corps in 2015 for a disciplinary infraction.
“I can’t go into too much detail about what I did, but I was young and very stupid, and that’s why I’m no longer in the Marines,” Edward said.
Edward — who has a new identity given to him by the Legion — is now an anti-tank missile operator in the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment based near Marseille on the Mediterranean coast.
He is one of what he says are “several dozen” Americans in the elite formation that is still the hard core of the French army. Though many Americans have served with distinction in the Legion’s many wars, their numbers have fallen in recent years.

Read more about Legion: https://www.stripes.com/news/europe/americans-struggle-to-meet-the-french-foreign-legion-s-high-bar-1.497591


Drug Treatment Centers Are Costing Taxpayers Billions

Drug waivers to join the military. The drug treatment business rakes is a $35 Billion business. Drug Treatment facilities are historically not to successful in that their population remaining in recovery. This brings up another problem, which is the bulk of those who are discharged from drug treatment centers return to the same pretreatment environment. Many have burned bridges with family and friends. I might sound heartless but the Addicted Population has sought treatment has been to multiple Inpatient and Outpatient Centers. They can’t pull it together to assimilate back into society so many go right back on drugs. If you have ever worked around Drug Addicts, they just can’t get right,  unless they have a long process of managed recovery and assimilation back into society. They have to be managed properly for a very long time. But why should taxpayers keep footing the bill for drug treatment that is failing. If we are going to pay for something then it ought to be for program that will work. I think that drug addicts forgo their constitutional rights when they are scourge to society.


Treatment is Unnecessary For Recovery From Heroin

Drug waivers to join the militaryDrug waivers to join the military. In the Vietnam War many military personnel were hooked on drugs including Heroin. The government mandated that any military personnel returning home must pass an Urine Drug Screen first before boarding the plane. The ones that failed the Urine Drug Screen were kept in Vietnam until they passed the Urine Drug Screen. This is significant because it was proven that people could get clean and sober from drugs without treatment. Its a fact that changing one’s environment greatly reduces the chances that a recovering addict will relapse. But in our country, most of these addicts are discharged back into the same drug milieu.

Read About What We Can Learn from the Vietnam War and Heroin Addiction https://www.michaelshouse.com/blog/what-we-can-learn-from-the-vietnam-war-and-heroin-addiction/