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Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. Sex work is consensual. Human Trafficking is NOT consensual. Sex Trafficking is covert and is NOT the same as voluntarily engaged in prostitution. We cannot defeat Sex Trafficking at its core by implementing police sting alone to arrests men paying a prostitute for sex. To attack the Core of Sex Trafficking requires a very clear cut enforcement strategy targeting investigations finding those who unwilling nonconsensual Victims and the Perpetrators.

Watch the Video: The War on Sex Trafficking is the New War on Drugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1NbKuQYrsE


Human Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. Human trafficking is when people are recruited or harbored, by threat or force, to be exploited, according to the United Nations. Mostly, it’s commercial sex or labor exploitation, and a victim does not need to be transported anywhere in order to fall under the definition. Sex Trafficking is covert and illegal, and precise information is not easy to get. The US State Department and trafficking hotlines are helping to paint a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Human trafficking wasn’t illegal until 2000, when the Trafficking Victims Protection Act was passed, which made it a federal crime.

The United States, along with Mexico and the Philippines, was ranked one of the world’s worst places for human trafficking in 2018. In the US, there is no official number of human trafficking victims, but estimates place it in the hundreds of thousands.

Since 2007, more than 49,000 cases of human trafficking in the US have been reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, which receives an average of 150 calls per day.

The most human trafficking cases have been reported in California, Texas, and Florida, according to the hotline. Las Vegas is also a hot spot due to the city’s culture and high rates of homelessness. But every state in the US has reports of human trafficking.

New York, and Queens in particular, is a documented destination for trafficking, because of its location on the eastern corridor, as well as being close to rural areas like Vermont. As Homeland Security assistant special agent Akil Baldwin told AM New York, “New York is the epicenter of everything, legitimate and illegitimate”.

It is estimated that between 18,000 and 20,000 victims are trafficked into the United States every year.

Children are more vulnerable than adults. They’re easier to control, cheaper, and less likely to demand working conditions, researchers explained. More than 300,000 young people in the US are considered “at risk” of sexual exploitation.

To read more go to: https://www.businessinsider.com/human-trafficking-in-the-us-facts-statistics-2019-7#children-are-more-vulnerable-than-adults-theyre-easier-to-control-cheaper-and-less-likely-to-demand-working-conditions-researchers-explained-more-than-300000-young-people-in-the-us-are-considered-at-risk-of-sexual-exploitation-7

The Department of Health and Human Services stated that 88% of all Human Trafficking Victims have seen a Healthcare Professional while in Captivity. Human Trafficking is said to be a $150 Billion Dollar Business Globally.  Human Trafficking Enforcement is becoming the newest and latest catch all disparity to bring forth the quest for resources. Of course, I dare say that Human Trafficking enforcement will bring to bare the revenue that drug treatment has brought. There is a plethora of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) sprouting up to combat Human Trafficking many which are seeking Federal Grants and Public Donations. There is a disproportionate number of Human Trafficker arrest and prosecutions compared to the number of Victims who are rescued under anonymity.


Law Enforcement Stings

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. There is an increase in Law Enforcement Stings taking place rounding up the “Johns” who are the customers paying for sex and the “Victims” who are the prostitutes. I believe there is disconnect that is withheld, which is that many of these “Victims” are in fact voluntarily working as prostitutes and are 18 years of age or older. If they are adults that are willingly working as prostitutes, then they do not meet the true definition of Sex Trafficking Victims. The fact that they may or may not be addicted to drugs is irrelevant.

So police are changing their tactics to reduce the demand for prostitution by going after the “Johns”. In the State of Ohio the Attorney General is seeking to enact a new law combat sex trafficking:

In a bid to use shame to deter the purchase of sex, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and a group of lawmakers want to post the names and photos of convicted “johns” and pimps in an online registry.
“Never underestimate the power of shame as a human motivator,” Yost said Wednesday afternoon in joining four lawmakers to unveil soon-to-be-introduced legislation targeting human trafficking.



Willing Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. I applaud Law Enforcement and the Attorney Generals who want to tackle prostitution and possibly help those driven by addiction. My criticism is that Sex Trafficking is covert and is NOT the same as those participants who are at age and voluntarily engaged in prostitution. These John Stings, and Registry are going after the men a who are responding to these Online Escort Websites like Adult Search, Escort Fish, Escort Index and Skip the Games. This type of law enforcement is not deterring the demand for Sex Trafficking Victims and the Perpetrators.

If law enforcement is not going to make that distinction between voluntarily Sex Work versus Sex Trafficking, then we are not getting to the core of Real Sex Trafficking. Defining and or labelling willing Prostitutes as Sex Trafficking Victims is not addressing the core of true Sex Trafficking. Much of the Sex Trafficking Victims, are not advertised Online on these Escort Websites. They are on the Dark Web and through scum bags like Jeffrey Epstein.

To Find Accredited Courses on Sex Trafficking: https://htrsd.org/all-courses/


Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims. In Southern portion of the State of New Jersey, there are 80 suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (IMBs). In the entire State of New Jersey there are over 400 IMBs. Throughout the United States, there are 9,000 IMBs dispersed throughout all 50 States. These IMBs pay no more then 5% of the taxes owed. They are covertly connected to Flushing, New York, a hot spot for human trafficking. These businesses operate as an extensive, sophisticated network with multiple controllers who act in concert with each other. Selected transporters move the women (victims) from one IMB to another on a prearranged day determined by an unknown East Coast criminal network. The IMB employees live on-site, 24 hours a day, in violation of local occupancy ordinances. They work 10-14 hours daily, 7 days a week, with little or no salary, in violation of state and federal labor laws. The IMB only reports about 5% of their income to tax authorities. These criminal enterprises are making a joke of our laws and are major traffickers of women.

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims. Massage Parlor Trafficking. In over 9,000 illicit massage businesses (IMBs) across the United States, victims are forced into human trafficking. According to Polaris research, these businesses are often organized into criminal networks with revenues of around $2.5 billion a year.  https://polarisproject.org/massage-parlor-trafficking

How Fake Massage Businesses Commit Tax Fraud?

Investors: IRS Whistleblower ClaimsGreg Bristol, a HTITI senior investigator who is a retired FBI Special Agent who specialized in human trafficking investigations, is familiar with a Virginia IMB with three employees whose CPA created a Profit & Loss statement indicating that that business earned
$20,770 in sales in 2012, with $20,245 in deductions. They reported to the IRS that their net income was $525 in 2012. This investigator estimated their 2012 earnings as $562,100. The federal tax liability of a business earning $562,100 is about $185,460.


IRS Whistleblower Award & Distribution

Investors: IRS Whistleblower ClaimsInvestors: IRS Whistleblower Claims. The IRS Whistleblower Office pays money to people who blow the whistle on persons who fail to pay the taxes owed & award the whistleblower up to 30% of the additional tax, penalty and other amounts. IRS Whistleblower Tax Fraud Claim; Illicit Massage Businesses.

Return On Investment For Doing Good

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims. Your Investment will be helping to right a wrong that needs to stop! IMBs employ 2 or 3 women who serve roughly 7 men each a day at rate of $70 walk-in fee. One IMB $980 earns in one day for 14 men x 360 days equals annual earnings of $ 352,800. 80 IMBs in Southern New Jersey $ 28,224,000 Annual earnings of 80 IMBs ($352,800 x 80). The Estimated IRS tax liability of 80 IMBs in South Jersey is $ 11,289,600. The IMB only reports about 5% of their income to tax authorities. Using 15% as a whistleblower award, this proposal could involve an IRS Informant Award of $1,693,440 ($11,289,600 x 15%). Whistleblower Award & Distribution from $1,693,440 is 50% to the Investor $846,700 and 50% to Company $846,700.

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims

Meet the HTRSD.ORG Leadership Team

Greg H. Bristol is a former Michigan State Police Trooper and retired FBI Special Agent who specialized in human trafficking investigations. In 2012, he founded HTITI, and has taught 28 advanced HTITI courses in ten states, and internationally in Trinidad and Tobago. He has conducted 55 human trafficking presentations across the United States, and has spoken at United Nations functions about human trafficking.

Edward Holfelner is a Registered Nurse with 24 years of professional nursing experience in critical care, emergency medicine. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Army. He is the founder of Human Trafficking Response & Social Disparities Training, LLC.

For Investment Inquiry Contact Information:

Greg Bristol Email: [email protected]

Ed. Holfelner Email: [email protected]

Company Website: https://www.htrsd.org

Dark Side of Adult Webcam Modeling

Dark Side of Adult Webcam Modeling

Dark Side of Adult Webcam ModelingDark Side of Adult Webcam Modeling. You cannot be Anti-Trafficking and Pro Porn because the one fuels the other. Online pornography is roughly a $97 Billion dollar industry. Adult Webcam Modeling like online pornography has developed from a widely accepted social ambivalence. What was once considered unscrupulous and taboo is now okay, right, ignored, tolerated and obviously popular.

Chaturbate is a popular adult webcam modelling site https://chaturbate.com/ It is an uncensored live webcams from around the world with performers from nearly every country. Chaturbate is 100% free with no registration required.  Its legal cybersex that is raking in the millions and has changed the digital culture forever. Chaturbate refers to its webcam models as Independent Broadcasters and these include; females, males, couples and trans.

Chaturbate;  Illegal and Prohibited Conduct

Dark Side of Adult Webcam ModelingDark Side of Adult Webcam Modeling. Chaturbate list its Illegal and Prohibited Conduct on its site for its contracted Broadcasters. The list below was shortened to illicit the point of how Chaturbate has to ward off the really bad behavior.

a. There can be no minors, children, babies or unauthorized persons on camera or in the same room. In the event a minor appears on camera, even for a second, we will immediately report you to NCMEC and any and all law enforcement that we consider appropriate in our sole and absolute discretion.

b. Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context, or illegal drugs (or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in certain locations, such as medicinal marijuana) are strictly prohibited.

c. Sleeping on camera (whether real or acting/pretending) is not permitted.


e. Overly large sex toys or animal-shaped sex toys may not be used on camera, and objects may not be used as sex toys unless they are normally marketed and sold for that purpose. Email [email protected] for authorization and provide a detailed proposal to incorporate any type of mechanical device, tool, “sex machine” or other unusual equipment into your performance (whether controlled by you or controlled remotely by users of the Site). We may require you to sign a waiver and release of liability in order to use certain devices on the Site, and any authorization or permission we give to you may be revoked by us at any time and for any reason, without notice, in our sole and absolute discretion.

f. Performing while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited.

g. Incest (sexual relations involving family members) is not allowed.

h. Excessively degrading dialog or verbal abuse is not allowed.
i. Displays or reference to menstruation, vomit, feces, or urine are not permitted.
j. “Bukakke” scenes are not allowed.
k. “Goatse” displays are prohibited.

l. Illegal or unsafe activities of any kind, including violence, blood, torture, pain, erotic asphyxiation, fisting, rape themes, or any actions associated with bringing harm to you, in any way, are prohibited.

o. An Independent Broadcaster may not discuss or arrange prostitution or escort services.

p. Any action that may be deemed obscene in your community is prohibited.



Webcam Models Can be Vulnerable.

Dark Side of Adult Webcam ModelingDark Side of Adult Webcam Modeling. The public mostly pretends that sites like Chaturbate don’t exist. So there is not really any legislation enacted to protect sex workers online. If its not street level prostitution, then what happens online with sex for sale is relatively ignored. Webcam modeling may seem like it is anonymous but given the totality of the internet, a performer is taking a chance of being stalked or doxed. Doxed is when ones private information is published with malicious intent. Anonymity cannot be guaranteed even with not identifying ones location. Hopefully models have the presence of mind to block their performance on the internet site around the physical locality they reside.

While performing online. if a Viewer makes a webcam model uncomfortable, they can automatically block the person. Webcam models are advised to keep their professional and personal lives separate. Some models have regular jobs outside of their webcam model work. A viewer could be recording them without their knowledge and sell that video to pornography sites. The stark reality is once someone puts anything on the internet,  it is invariably there forever.


Uncovering the Dark World of Trafficking in the Webcamming Industry

Dark Side of Adult Webcam ModelingDark Side of Adult Webcam Modeling.  As the demand for adult webcamming increases, then so does Sex Trafficking. There are those who think everything should just go on without scrutiny and censorship. But there is a dark side to this so anonymous webcam modeling. Anyone 18 years of age or older can setup shop in their place of living and start webcam modeling.

There are Sex Traffickers who also set up shop with unwilling participants (Sex Trafficking Victims) performing live for an audience of men on the Dark Web. Viewers can follow along on the adjoining Chat Room and make requests. These sex trafficking victims on live webcams have been discovered through investigations in the countries of Australia, Romania, Russia, The Philippines, South Korea and the United States. These Pedophile Traffickers have become technologically savvy and have been able to elude law enforcement at times.

Dark Side of Adult Webcam ModelingPornography fuels the demand for sex trafficking, and sex camming has proven to be no different. The issue with saying “I only watch consensual cam girls” is that consumers can’t truly really know who has and hasn’t consented. In the end, pornography fuels the demand for sex trafficking in a way that the causal porn consumer might not be aware of. Ignorance is not bliss.



To learn more about Sex Trafficking and Social Disparities check out our accredited online Courses: https://htrsd.org/

Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Trafficking

Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Trafficking

Greg Bristol, retired FBI Special Agent & Human Trafficking Investigator

Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Trafficking. The Human Trafficking epidemic is occurring in the United States and worldwide. It is the second most profitable criminal enterprise after illegal drugs. Greg Bristol is a retired FBI Special Agent who specialized in Human Trafficking Investigations. While most retirees are seeking recreation, Greg is still combatting human trafficking through his privately held company HTITI.ORG.  A former Michigan State Trooper, Greg became a FBI Special Agent in 1987, and was assigned to the FBI’s Washington Field Office where he first worked Foreign Counterintelligence cases at the end of the Cold War. Counterintelligence is much broader than just espionage, the traditional spy game. It also includes the protection of our national assets like advanced technologies and military capacities. The FBI is the lead agency for exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities on U.S. soil. In 1994 Greg was reassigned to a Public Corruption Squad in Washington, DC. Public corruption, the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority, is a threat to our way of life and national security.

Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Human Trafficking Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Trafficking.  It can affect how our neighborhoods are protected by government officials or how our roads and schools are built. Corrupt government officials siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and no other law enforcement agency has attained the kind of success the FBI has achieved in combating corruption. After serving on a terrorism squad after 9/11 that investigated the attack to the Pentagon, Greg was assigned to the Enron Task Force, a unique blend of investigators and analysts from the FBI, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and prosecutors from the Department of Justice. During Greg’s 4.5 year assignment, Agents conducted more than 1,800 interviews, collected 3,000 boxes of evidence and more than four terabytes of digitized data.

Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Trafficking. In June 2006, Greg was assigned to a Civil Rights Squad in Washington, DC. Since its earliest days, the FBI has helped protect the civil rights of the American people. A dozen of its first special agents, for example, worked peonage cases (the use of laborers bound in servitude because of debt). Greg focused on hate crime and human trafficking investigations, which included forced labor, domestic servitude, and commercial sex trafficking. His cases involved both U.S. citizens and foreigners alike, and they had no demographic restrictions. The FBI works human trafficking under both its Civil Rights program and its Violent Crimes Against Children program. In future blogs, Greg will discuss some of the human trafficking cases that he worked on.

   One Presentation at A Time

Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Human Trafficking Retired FBI Special Agent Still Fighting Trafficking. In 2012, Greg founded The Human Trafficking Investigations and Training Institute (HTITI.ORG). In his retirement he is making the effort to increase human trafficking awareness in our U.S. communities. HTITI offers Advanced Training courses oriented to law enforcement on how to investigate human trafficking crimes, and has taught 28 advanced courses in ten states. In addition to conducting classroom-training courses to the police, Greg is a frequent speaker to community groups and government agencies. In the last two years he has spoken about human trafficking to two Rotary groups in Ohio, a Public Charter School in Washington, DC, and to a law school class at Georgetown Law School. A year ago the U.S. Embassy in Cairo invited Greg to speak to Embassy Officials and local law enforcement officers about human trafficking for purposes of organ removal. Organ trafficking, a lucrative global illicit trade, is a lesser-discussed form of human trafficking due to it stealth nature.  Since 2012, Greg has given 55 presentations, and has spoken at a United Nations event in Vienna, Austria.



For Accredited Sex Trafficking Continued Education course visit us at: https://htrsd.org/courses/sex-trafficking-victim-identification-and-response-training-for-the-emergency-department-new/


Sex Trafficking Victim Identification Training

Sex Trafficking Victim Identification Training

Sex Trafficking Victim Identification Training

Sex Trafficking Victim Identification Training. RN’s, Healthcare Professionals & Security Officers working in the Emergency Departments, Outpatient Clinics, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum are very likely to see a patient who is a Sex Trafficking Victim. The Department of Health & Human Services states that 88% of Human Trafficking Victims have seen a Healthcare Provider while in captivity. Sex Traffickers, Child Pornographers, Pedophiles, and Child Abusers number in the thousands affecting hundreds of thousands of Children right here in the U.S.


Sex Trafficking Victim Identification TrainingSex Trafficking Victim Identification Training. Amber alert update: Vigil held for 5-year-old N.J. girl as mystery deepens over her disappearance

As the agonizing search for 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez reached its seventh day Sunday with no apparent sign of the girl, dozens of people gathered for a candlelight vigil at the South Jersey park where she went missing. http://Amber alert update: Vigil held for 5-year-old N.J. girl as mystery deepens over her disappearance. https://patch.com/new-jersey/oceancity/update-issued-amber-alert-search-missing-nj-girl

A five year old child goes to the park with her Mommy and siblings. The child is missing and reports describe a red van with a Hispanic male being at the park. Its a downright tragedy and scary as hell. Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement are searching every clue possible to find the Child and I hope to God they do. I don’t have the answer on how we can stop a child being kidnapped from a park or play ground except possibly having cameras set up doing Real Time Recording at all of the different angles. Its come to the point that we have sacrifice our right to privacy for our Kids to be safe!


A 17-year-old New Jersey teen missing for more than a week has been found in Philadelphia, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office said on Monday.
Aviana Weaver was located by Philadelphia police, Joel Bewley, public information officer for the prosecutor’s office, said.Weaver was last seen at her Westampton Township home on Sept. 13, according to township police. She spoke to her mom on the phone two days later, but has not been seen or heard from since.
In a series of social media messages, Aviana’s mother Angelica Scarlett said investigators discovered photos of her daughter on sex trafficking websites.
She is being reunited with her family. https://www.nj.com/news/2019/09/nj-teen-missing-for-a-week-has-been-found-in-philadelphia.html



Sex Trafficking Victim Identification Training. More than 100 people, including a medical doctor and a church youth director, were arrested as part of a massive human trafficking and child sex sting operation based in central Ohio, according to a report.
Those arrested included 24 men caught when they showed up at an undisclosed location with the intention of meeting a child for sex, Maj. Steven Tucker of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said.
“They show up with sex toys, they show up with lubrication,” Tucker said. “They show up with things that clearly somebody isn’t going to show up to a house with, unless they intended to engage in sexual activity.”  https://www.foxnews.com/us/ohio-sex-sting-104-arrested-doctor-church-youth-director

H.E.R.O Child Rescue Corps

Actor David Keith has changed his career to use his star power to support Saving Children From Exploitation. Children are being abused on the hundreds of thousands right here in the United States. David Keith has helped form the HERO Child -Rescue Corps whose Mission is to put an elite corps of veterans on a new battlefield: protecting America’s children. http://www.herocorps.net/

Watch Video H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbd66BfyHWc

Asian Massage Parlors – Illicit Brothels Exploiting Women

We have observed a large number of in every U.S. State numbering in the thousands listed on Rub Maps. http://www.RubMaps.com

These Massage Parlors are fronts for brothels and places where employees are forced to work for little or no pay. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/07/29/sex-trafficking-illicit-massage-parlors-cases-fail/1206517001/


Our affiliated company Human Trafficking Investigations & Training Institute, LLC (HTITI) runs a two-day course Fake Massage Businesses Engaged in Sex Trafficking, we go into detail showing how each of these businesses make more than $200,000 year, yet report less than 5% of their income to state and federal tax authorities.

For More Information on HTITI Traininghttp://www.HTITI.org

RN Sex Trafficking Victim Identification Training. Hopefully you watched the H.E.R.O. Video and have read about the blog. As Healthcare Professionals you cannot have to much education. I am convinced that Healthcare Professionals cannot learn how to Identify Victims of Sex Trafficking from watching training vides from the Department of Human Services and United Nations. To hone those skills requires onsite Instruction from experts, which may be obtained through our Onsite Human Trafficking Response Program Classes for Healthcare Professionals. https://htrsd.org/human-trafficking-response-program/


Check Out the HTRSD Accredited CE: Sex Trafficking Victim Identification and Response Training for the Emergency Department



Sex Trafficking Convictions Across Our Nation

Sex Trafficking Convictions Across Our Nation

Sex Trafficking Convictions Across Our Nation. When it comes down to how the battle against the practice of sex trafficking, and all human trafficking, will be won, by one conviction at a time. These three recent convictions for sex trafficking demonstrate that, even if maddeningly slowly, progress in eliminating human trafficking in the United States is being made.

Toledo man gets 35 years in prison for sex trafficking

A Toledo man was sentenced to 35 years in prison for sex trafficking a minor.

Lawrence Jones, 32, previously pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Toledo to one count of sex trafficking of a minor and one count of sexual exploitation of a minor. He was sentenced Wednesday.

Jones met a minor via social media who had run away from home, officials said. Jones transported the girl to a home on Coventry Avenue in Toledo, where he took nude photographs of her and posted them online, offering commercial sex acts in the Toledo area in January, according to court documents.

Read more at toledoblade.com

California man sentenced to 18 years for sex trafficking victims in Kansas City

Ronald Ean Taylor. 45, was sentenced in federal court in Kansas City Thursday.

In March, Taylor pleaded guilty to sex counts of sex trafficking of an adult. He also admitted that he used force, fraud or coercion to cause six child victims to engage in prostitution. He trafficked six victims between Nov. 2014 and May 2017.

An investigation into Taylor began in June 2016, when one of the victims contacted Kansas City police. She said that Taylor was a pimp who lived in California, but was selling drugs and engaging in sex trafficking in the Kansas City area.

Read more at fox4kc.com

Monroe County woman sentenced to 7 years in prison for sex trafficking, drug trafficking

Sex Trafficking Convictions Across Our Nation. A Monroe County woman was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring with others to commit sex trafficking.

Jordan Capone, 24, of Mt. Pocono, was sentenced for participating in a conspiracy that forced or coerced women to engage in prostitution in northeastern Pennsylvania, and for distributing the drug known as “molly” in Monroe County.

Read more at wfmz.com


Check Out Our Course: https://htrsd.org/product/sex-trafficking-victim-identification-and-response-training-for-the-emergency-department/

Hotel Motel Sex Trafficking

Hotel Motel Sex Trafficking

Hotel Motel Sex TraffickingHotel Motel Sex Trafficking. Hospitality owners are turning a blind eye to sex trafficking taking place on their premises. Some are even in cahoots with the traffickers by warning them of presence of the police. These are not just the seedy motels but rather are the nationally known hospitality chains. Women advertised for sex for hire are found on adult escort sites. This is a strange irony since the inception of the Federal Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which was intended eliminate online sex trafficking advertisement.


Escort Women At Hotels & Motels

Hotel Motel Sex TraffickingWhen most people go to a hotel or motel it’s an opportunity to unwind and relax possibly after work, a road trip or on vacation. While in your comfy room unbeknownst to you, there is a distinct possibility that women escorts might be paid for sex in the nearby rooms. Many of these women are unwilling participants and are victims of sex trafficking. Hospitality Industry is Ground Zero for Sex Trafficking. There are many of online Escort Websites featuring thousands of women be advertised for sex for hire occurring in all fifty states. What is mind boggling is most of these women are residing at a hotel or motel.


Look at the website links below. WARNING: Some of the images may be unsuitable for minors.

Skip The Games: http://skipthegames.com/

City X Guide: https://cityxguide.com/

Adult Search: https://adultsearch.com/

Escort Babylon: https://escortbabylon.net/cities_list


Hotel Employees Complicit with Sex Traffickers

Hotel Motel Sex Trafficking

Prostitutes speaking with an undercover Police Officer at a motel

Hotel Motel Sex Trafficking. A news story on CNN.COM discusses how the hospitality industry has played a role in helping the sex trafficking in the City of Atlanta, Georgia sustain itself in hotels and motels across the United States. Hospitality workers warned traffickers when the police were on the premises. Trafficked women were seeing 5 to 20 men per day. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/28/us/atlanta-sex-trafficking-lawsuit/index.html






Human Trafficking Victims Hesitant to Contact Police

Human Trafficking Victims Hesitant to Contact Police

Human Trafficking Victims Hesitant to Contact Police.  Police still arrest Child Prostitutes for Prostitution. They see a prostitute as a working girl supporting a drug habit selling sex. It is provocative and strange but factual unless the Police have had the right type of Human Trafficking training.  Victims of Human Trafficking are taught not trust outsiders and especially the Police. Some victims may fear being deported and these people might not self identify themselves as victims.


Read this citation and weep

The girls are 16 and 17 years old. Sometimes as young as 10. They’re brought into juvenile hall wearing miniskirts and crop tops in the middle of February. Or they show up at an urgent-care clinic with three different sexually transmitted infections, or for their second pregnancy test in two months.

Stacey Katz, executive director of WestCoast Children’s Clinic in Oakland, knows that they are victims of sex trafficking, even if the girls don’t always say it. Their traffickers are men they call their boyfriends. Their abusers — their so-called clients — may be relatives, school counselors, lawyers. Sometimes, they’re cops.

Last month, when an 18-year-old woman began telling reporters she’d had sex with 29 Bay Area law enforcement officers over the past two years, including Oakland officers she met on the streets, Katz wasn’t surprised.

Source: https://www.sfchronicle.com/health/article/Police-abuse-of-trafficking-victims-weakens-8382480.php

A child under the age of 17 cannot legally consent to have sex but they can be arrested in the State of Texas, working as a prostitute. The Governor of Texas vetoed the Bill to prohibit arresting children for prostitution working as prostitutes. These children are victims of sexual abuse and the police can still arrests them.

“The Governor Abbott of the State of Texas rationale for vetoing the Bill is because it takes away options that law enforcement and prosecutors can use to separate victims from their traffickers,” Abbott said. “And it may provide a perverse incentive for traffickers to use underage prostitutes, knowing they cannot be arrested for engaging in prostitution.”

Source: https://www.texastribune.org/2019/06/21/abbott-vetos-child-prostitution-bill/



Human TraffickingLink to our course on Human Trafficking Response

Human Trafficking Conviction in Philadelphia

Human Trafficking Conviction in Philadelphia

Human Trafficking Conviction in Philadelphia Human Trafficking Conviction in Philadelphia. News of the first adult human trafficking conviction in Philadelphia history points out the stark reality of how much more needs to be done to even begin to address this still often hidden social dilemma. The PhillyVoice website provides a detailed look at the story of the perpatrator, the victims, and the District Attorney’s office that secured the guilty verdict.

Human Trafficking Conviction in Philadelphia A Kensington man was convicted last week of human trafficking and other crimes involving the forced servitude of five women, marking the first case of its kind resolved in Philadelphia.

District Attorney Larry Krasner spoke about the importance of the case on Monday, detailing the context of the crimes committed by 50-year-old Richard Collins.

“Trafficking cases involving adult victims are historically difficult to prove, in part because of stigma associated with commercial sex work as well as harmful misconceptions about people who struggle with addiction,” Krasner said.

Philadelphia police opened an investigation into Collins in June 2018 when one of his victims managed to escape his residence by climbing over a barbed wire fence. The victim contacted the Special Victims Unit and a search warrant was executed at the property, where the four other women were recovered.

Read more at phillyvoice.com

Human TraffickingLink to our course on Human Trafficking Response

Human trafficking information: 11 facts you should know

Human trafficking information: 11 facts you should know

Human trafficking information: 11 facts you should know. Human trafficking information that is accurate and informative is one of the most powerful tools available for fighting what has for too long been a shadowy and poorly understood phenomenon. Dosomething.org, an organization dedicated to helping young people become active in fighting social ills across the United States, has created a short but powerful article sharing 11 Facts About Human Trafficking. It includes exactly the kind of information that, if more people know about it, just might help make a difference in how successfully the public-at-large can be a active factor in helping to diminish instances of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and forced labor in America. Although it’s a very quick read, the article does a great job of sharing human trafficking information most people may not be aware of.

Human trafficking is a crime that forcefully exploits women, men, and children. According to the United Nations, human trafficking affects every country in the world, but it’s not talked about enough. So we’re talking about it. Read on to learn more about human trafficking, and find support resources and ways you can take action at the Polaris Project, Love146, and Free the Slaves.

  1. Trafficking involves transporting someone into a situation of exploitation. This can include forced labor, marriage, prostitution, and organ removal. This kind of exploitation is known by a few different names — “human trafficking,” “trafficking of persons,” and “modern slavery” are the ones accepted by the US Department of State. [1]
  2. It’s estimated that internationally there are between 20 million and 40 million people in modern slavery today. Assessing the full scope of human trafficking is difficult because so cases so often go undetected, something the United Nations refers to as “the hidden figure of crime.”[2]
  3. Estimates suggest that, internationally, only about .04% survivors of human trafficking cases are identified, meaning that the vast majority of cases of human trafficking go undetected. [3]

Read more at dosomething.org

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Human Trafficking Is Entrenched in American History

Human Trafficking Is Entrenched in American History

Human Trafficking Is Entrenched in American History Human Trafficking Is Entrenched in American History. The American Colonists were involved in the kidnapping of African men, women and children from the Continent of Africa. These victims were forced under chattel into slavery, beaten, raped, forced to breed with other slaves, traded, sold, sold into brothels, and families were destroyed. For Americans, human trafficking dates back to the Colonies through the Revolutionary War and on into the 1800’s when the Civil War erupted. Obviously, the ill effects of slavery have continued because this country has had a long history of inequality, racism and social injustice into present day.

 The crime of human trafficking continues to exists in the United States and in almost every country in the world. It is associated with transnational criminal organizations, small criminal networks and local gangs, and violations of labor and immigration codes.  More recently, Human Trafficking has been defined to include other types of force, fraud, or coercion for sexual & forced labor exploitation.  A lot of the American people are under the false impression that most human trafficking victims are transported across international boundaries into the United States. However, contrary to these false beliefs, many trafficking victims are in fact United States Citizens.

Trafficking in persons shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power, or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.  Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.

read more at aspe.hhs.gov

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Information on human trafficking: 20 important facts you should know.

Information on human trafficking: 20 important facts you should know.

Information on human trafficking in the United States is always welcome, but there is often a lot of repetition in what information is made available. When you’re asking how to prevent human trafficking in the United States, that’s not a million dollar question, it’s a multi-billion dollar question.

And the answer to it is both complicated and one that may never be fully answered. Bad actors are motivated by many things, not the least of which is money, power, and control over others.

Still, information is key tool in the ongoing fight over how to prevent human trafficking, and Business Insider has a timely and useful article presenting 20 Facts you should know about human trafficking in the U.S. Following is an excerpt of the introduction, but please read the whole item (link below) for all twenty of the facts sharing Information on human trafficking in the United States:

In 2016, then-President Barack Obama told the Clinton Global Initiative: “I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name: modern slavery. It is barbaric and it is evil and it has no place in a civilized world.”

Human trafficking is when people are recruited or harbored, by threat or force, to be exploited, according to the United Nations. Mostly, it’s commercial sex or labor exploitation, and a victim does not need to be transported anywhere in order to fall under the definition.

Trafficking is covert and illegal, and precise information is not easy to get. The US State Department and trafficking hotlines are helping to paint a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Hundreds of thousands of victims are estimated to be working in the sex industry, or in the hospitality, beauty, or agricultural industries where such conditions could be occurring.

Read more at businessinsider.com

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How to prevent human trafficking – A 2 Minute Read, 15 Important Links

How to prevent human trafficking – A 2 Minute Read, 15 Important Links

No matter how committed to the fight, it’s often difficult to feel knowledgeable about how to prevent human trafficking in a productive way. While there are a multitude of information resources from governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, and even the United Nations, the huge amount of information out there can sometimes stop you in your tracks when you are looking for actionable steps you can take to make a difference.

Today, we share a simple and short two minute read on a web page provided by the U.S. State Department, that provides 15 Important Links about what people can do help prevent human trafficking:

Anyone can join in the fight against human trafficking. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

Read all 15 links at state.gov

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Can the response for human trafficking victims in health care really be improved?

Can the response for human trafficking victims in health care really be improved?

Sometimes, the fight to assist human trafficking victims can seem hopeless. But those dedicated to doing something about it in the health care environment, through which a very large percentage of human trafficking victims eventually move through, are not about to give up.

And while it may not be often enough, efforts to make a positive impact on this issue can succeed:

Claudia Lawrence, community mobilization director for Seattle Against Slavery, delivered a presentation to nursing staff, physicians and social workers on the importance of identifying signs of exploitation in children and adults. She focused her lecture on the vast intersectionality of human trafficking.

“Not everyone who is trafficked is aware they are trafficked,” said Lawrence.

Victims of trafficking are clustered in the most vulnerable populations, but any type of person can be trafficked. It could be an immigrant from South America lured by the false promise of a decent job or a youth runaway enticed by the idea of finally having a “father figure,” explained Lawrence.

“Human trafficking is the most non-discriminatory plight in our community,” she said. “It really touches on every single sector of the community.” Nearly 88 percent of human trafficking victims were seen by health care providers while being trafficked, as stated by a study in the Annals of Health Law. The event was hosted by the Kirkland-based hospital’s forensic nurse examiner team. The group of nurses provide 24-hour care to sexual assault survivors, including access to emergency physicians, social workers and support services. Seattle Against Slavery is a grassroots nonprofit organized by citizens in King County over the previous 10 years. Their partnership with the hospital aims to mobilize the community in the fight against labor and sex trafficking.

“Human trafficking is the most non-discriminatory plight in our community,” she said. “It really touches on every single sector of the community.”

read more at redmond-reporter.com

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Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. This is an absurd policy shift on the part of a country, whose is host to the mecca of human slavery! The City of Tenancingo, is ground zero for sex trafficking. The entire City of Tenancingo’ s commerce is driven around kidnapping women to be sold for sex within Mexico and trafficked into the United States, the chiefly the Borough of Queens NYC.

Corruption Within Mexico 

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking FundingMexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. The Mexican government’s rationale for redirecting the funding from the anti trafficking NGOs to the shelters and to the care for trafficking victims due to corruption. Well, when the bow breaks the cradle will fall! The cradle has fallen in the country of Mexico. This is a country that unofficially tolerates the exportation of sex slaves and drugs. A country that is so devoid of human dignity, that its own population is making a mass exodus into the United States. If there ever was a clearer example of mass corruption, then the country of Mexico would be the best choice.

Reuters: https://www.freedomunited.org/news/mexico-ends-all-funding-for-anti-trafficking-ngos/


Politically Correct Trafficking In Persons 2018 Report – Mexico

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding


Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. This particular report created by the U.S. State Department is by design meant to placate to the Country of Mexico. Everyone is trying to be politically correct. Mexico has been polluting the United States with its internal corruption,  which has lead to powerful drug cartels who import drugs and sex traffickers sending victims into the United States. I have read news articles stating its a hypocrisy to hold Mexico accountable for the illegal exportation of drugs by the cartels operating within their country. This rationale was based on the fact that the United States is unable to stop the narcotics from entering into our country. I would say that both countries have a shared responsibility for the illegal narcotics entering into the United States from Mexico. These drug cartels are jointly engaged in both drug and human trafficking. I wonder what the reaction would be if groups within the United States were illegally exporting drugs and human trafficking into the country of Mexico?

According to the UN Refugee Agency Trafficking In Persons 2018 Report published by the U.S. Department of State; the Mexican government demonstrated increasing efforts by prosecuting more traffickers than in the previous year; identifying and providing support to trafficking victims subjected to forced labor in Mexico and abroad; and launching a new national awareness-raising campaign. This 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report on Mexico isn’t worth the print space it occupies. How can the Mexican government talk out both sides of its mouth? Its a completely incongruous with the truth for the Mexican government to lay claim to wanting to stopping Sex Trafficking and unofficially tolerate the dealings taking place in the town of Tenancingo, which has been occurring since the 1950’s.

Trafficking In Persons 2018 Report – Mexico: https://www.refworld.org/docid/5b3e0ad318.html


Tenancingo: the Sex Trafficking Mecca

Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking FundingMexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding. Tenancingo has population of 11,000 residents and is home to 5 of 10 of the most wanted Sex Traffickers. The sex trafficking began there in the 1950’s. These sex traffickers are in collaboration with Mexico’s drug cartels. Years ago the traffickers use to resort to kidnapping and the use of force to acquire victims. The traffickers now travel around Mexico looking to deceive poor, uneducated and vulnerable women. The traffickers are families that sponsor religious festivals and operate with total impunity. The Sex Traffickers are revered by their fellow residents and young people look up to them. The Sex Traffickers live in spacious mansions and have accoutrements such as fancy expensive cars and trucks. In December 2012, the Mexico sent their Army to rescue police officers who were nearly executed for trying to arrest a someone related to a trafficker’s family.

Tenancingo: The Small Town At The Dark Heart of Mexico’s Sex-Slave Trade:




Mexico Cut NGO Anti Trafficking Funding

Accredited Course: Sex Trafficking Victim Identification and Response Training

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FOSTA SESTA and Sex Trafficking

FOSTA SESTA and Sex Trafficking

Human Trafficking education, including Sex Trafficking education, is our business so we are well informed.  But I can say with great conviction that the average citizen has little or clue about what is going on with this horrific crime! Most people don’t think about it. Let’s talk about FOSTA SESTA and Sex Trafficking.

The House bill known as FOSTA, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, and the Senate bill, SESTA, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act — have been hailed by advocates as a victory for sex trafficking victims. FOSTA and SESTA began their respective lives as two different bills created in an effort to curb sex trafficking taking place on online personals sites — in particular, Backpage.com. Backpage has long been known for its advertisements for sex workers (though these were formally removed from the site last year). It’s also seen numerous controversies related to illegal sex work; authorities have arrested individuals using it to pay for sex, and Backpage has aided law enforcement in investigations into ads on its site. In the past, authorities have taken down similar websites through targeted raids. https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/4/13/17172762/fosta-sesta-backpage-230-internet-freedom

Okay, so Craigslist doesn’t have sex workers through personals because that section is now gone and Backpage has been shut down entirely. But NOW there are a plethora of other Online Sex Trafficking sites on the Internet: Skip the Games, Escort Index, Escort Fish, Escort alligator, Erotic Monkey, Eros.com, Adult Search, City X Guide, Slixa, Sex Compass, Dukes of Daisy and a bunch of others. All of these sites are hosted outside the United States.

Here is an ad from Skip the Games:

I see Men Women Couples
Race / Regionality Caucasian (N. American / W. European), Caucasian (E. European / Russian)
Hair color Black
Accepted payment methods Cash
Available for Incall Outcall
Hours 12 midnight to 12 midnight
Location Burlington
Weight 115 lb
Height 5ft 1in – 5ft 3in
Breasts Natural
Grooming down under Shaved
Tattoos Discrete



Let me bring your wildest fantasies to life

Available Escort Sites Online: ( How come these are not being shut down?) 

  • Skip the Games: http://skipthegames.com/
  • Escort Fish: https://escortfish.ch/philadelphia/
  • Escort Alligator: https://escortalligator.com.philadelphia.listcrawler.com/
  • Erotic Monkey: https://www.eroticmonkey.ch/
  • Adult Search: https://adultsearch.com/
  • Eros: ttps://www.eros.com/
  • Slixa: https://www.slixa.com/browse/female-escorts
  • Sex Compass: https://sexcompass.net/
  • Dukes of Daisy: http://usa.dukesofdaisy.com/rent-a-friend-usa
  • City X Guide: https://cityxguide.com/

Sadly, FOSTA and SESTA, though well-intentioned, are really just a joke in reality, because it is glaringly obvious that little is being done as evidenced by all the online escort sites. Its a tragic zero sum game.

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Internet Fun Games Information and SEX

Internet Fun Games Information and SEX

Internet Fun Games Information and SexInternet Fun Games Information and SEX. There is plenty of good stuff on the internet but I want to address the other stuff. I wanted talk a little about the deplorable stuff on the Internet that you and I can freely access. I am not even to going to discuss the dark web, which is a place I’d liken to Sodom and Gomorrah filled with illegal drugs, firearms, pedophiles and so much disreputable decay that its not appropriate for this platform.

As a professional stance, due to the nature and complexity of our line of work — educating healthcare professionals on Human Trafficking and Social Disparities — I must pay close attention what is on the Internet. I visit these unpleasant sites because I want to (1). verify what is out there and (2). understand to what extent they currently exist.

Internet Fun Games Information and SexInternet Fun Games Information and SEX. It is simply appalling to see the degree of debasement, and depravity of the content that is available on the Internet! I am no prude either, having served in the military and worked as a Professional Nurse in the Emergency Department, so I have seen my fair share of the seamier side of life. There is a plethora of Hookup sites and applications available for the phone and the Internet. If that is someone’s thing, to seek out a hookup, than I am not rendering judgement.

In 2018 President Trump passed the FOSTA and SESTA Bills. FOSTA and SESTA came about when the Feds were investigating first Craigslist and than Backpages. Reference: https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/4/13/17172762/fosta-sesta-backpage-230-internet-freedom


Internet Fun Games Information and SexI am not exactly certain how effective the FOSTA and SESTA Bills are to date because subsequent to their passage, there are a multitude of Escort Sites that are hosted outside the United States, but operating within our country. The extent of these Escort sites on the internet makes me realize that we have achieved zero control, and maybe even made the situation worse if that’s possible.

I spoke to a business associate who is a retired FBI Special Agent and Human Trafficking Investigator: we have the FOSTA and SESTA in place, so how come these escort sites are popping up like daisies? His reply was the Federal Government would have to hire X number thousands of Agents to investigate and enforce the law, but that is not likely going to happen.

Since the Federal Government has passed the FOSTA and SESTA to reduce the illegal sex trafficking online doesn’t it make sense follow all way through to achieve the intended outcome? As I said there are a multitude of Escort Sites on the Internet. Examples are CITY X GUIDE, ESCORT FISH, ESCORT INDEX, SKIP THE GAMES, RUB MAPS and several dozen more. (I am not going to provide a link, but they are easy enough to find on Google).

What’s to be done?

Internet Fun Games Information and Sex

11 women arrested for providing sexual services in massage parlors

Internet Fun Games Information and SEX. I am pro Law Enforcement and they are doing a very good job at cracking down on Fake Massage Parlors, running Police Stings and so on. But there is no way that Federal, State, County and Local Law Enforcement has the resources to crack down on all the Escort Sites! I don’t see that it’s possible that law enforcement alone can reduce online prostitution, which is illegal sex trafficking. I realize there are some people who make the voluntary choice to become a sex worker. I am specifically discussing the online Illegal Sex Trafficking as it related to the commercial sexual exploitation of children and women.

In my view, the Federal Government needs to outsource at least some investigation and enforcement to private companies staffed by former Law Enforcement personnel and Analysts to go after these Online Escort Sites. I am not talking about vigilantes either. I am talking about controlled, disciplined, experienced professionals who worked in law enforcement. My associate has such a company HTITI – Human Trafficking Investigation & Training Institute that is staffed by former Law Enforcement people. HTITI trains Law Enforcement and Hospital Security Officers on Human Trafficking.

It would make good sense for the Federal Government to consider such a proposal to outsource to private companies and I am certain you would also agree after seeing the widespread extent of the online Escort Sites available on the internet.


Sex Trafficking Girls in the United States

Sex Trafficking Girls in the United States

Sex Trafficking Girls in the United StatesSex Trafficking Girls in the United States. The United Nations has warned that Human Trafficking of Girls in the United States is on the rise. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/human-trafficking-girls-un-report-sexual-exploitation-primary-motivation/

As an expert in Human Trafficking Education of Health Care Professionals, I ask myself every single day what is it going to take to get the American people to wake up and come to the rescue of these commercially sexually exploited girls? Human Trafficking occurs all around the world. Sex Trafficking of minors is occurring right here in the United States of America  in all fifty states.


 Sick Pedophile Bastards 

Can you wrap your mind around a Child who is in Foster Care running away and getting mixed up with a Pimp Trafficker at an urban transportation center?  Pimps Traffickers may setup live web recording or pictures of the child on the dark web. Pedophiles respond to the illicit media and the Trafficker setup sexual encounters. These sick pedophile bastards are sexually attracted to any age from small children to elementary children, high schoolers and beyond. This type of sexual deviance shit is done to children every damn day in the United States.


The 2018 Global Report on  Trafficking In Persons states that Girls more than Boys are being trafficked. https://www.unodc.org/documents/data-and-analysis/glotip/2018/GLOTiP_2018_BOOK_web_small.pdf

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children is the fastest growing crime in the United States. It is occurring at rate of staggering proportions, but many American people are more interested in sports and the Kardashians. Meanwhile, some underage teen girl in the United States is being pimped out for sex to a sick, twisted individual who is as likely as not to be Caucasian and married!   Can you imagine how awful that child must feel being sold for sex? 


What’s to be done?

Our local, county, & federal Law Enforcement agencies are running investigations, coordinating human trafficking task forces, and conducting police sting operations. But Law Enforcement alone cannot and will not be able to successfully combat Sex Trafficking by itself.


Educating Healthcare Professionals 

Sex Trafficking Girls in the United States. It is a verifiable fact that 88% of Human Trafficking Victims have come in contact with Health care Professional while in captivity. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (2017) Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Children and Adolescents: A Narrative Review “Another study of adolescent and adult female sex trafficking survivors revealed that nearly 88% had sought medical care during their period of exploitation.” Due to the extremely high likelihood that victims of human trafficking will, at some point, require medical care, there is a significant need for Emergency Departments, and indeed, all health care facilities in the U.S., in communities both large and small and of every economic status, to urgently address this issue.

There are an abundance of Human Trafficking courses and other informational and training material created by a number of NGOs and other organizations. Unfortunately, they are nearly uniformly cursory or introductory in nature, and are not sufficient to the task a health provider needs to successfully address this issue. Training Heath care Professionals in Human Trafficking Victim Identification takes a whole lot more education than having someone watch a training video. If you doubt this is accurate, than by comparison, watch a training video on any healthcare subject matter of comparable complexity and honestly assess how proficient your are at the end of the video!

  Human Trafficking Response Program for Health Care Systems

To combat human trafficking through the education of healthcare professionals, HTRSD.ORG and HTITI.ORG  jointly developed the Human Trafficking Response Program for Health Care Systems, which is fundamentally different than virtually any other training currently available, addressing the full-spectrum of the issue to create policies and procedures, deliver on-site and on-demand learning, and extensive consultation and development capabilities to develop an initiative that will educate and empower administrators, nurses, physicians, and security personnel to effectively address this pressing public health issue. https://htrsd.org/human-trafficking-response-program/

The American Hospital Association implemented ICD-10 Codes for Human Trafficking Victim Abus,e and there is a concomitant interest from the legal litigation community into this area. With that said, it is only a matter of time where serious liabilities, potentially ranging into the millions of dollars will not simply be a possibility, but an inevitability.

If you are serious about getting your healthcare professionals the substantive training to identify Human Trafficking Victims coming into your facility for care and you wish to avoid a potentially embarrassing medicolegal disaster,  than please don’t hesitate to call or email the HTRSD.ORG Team to set up a conference call or meeting.

We are dedicated to doing something right now about human trafficking in the health care sector, and hope we can be part of your efforts to do the same.

Best Regards,



Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. In April 2018 President Trump signed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which was combined with the Senate’s Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. Following the signage of the bills,  Sex Workers are angry. I just don’t see eye to eye with the sex workers rationale the online community ought to be a free for all to do whatever. Anyone who has followed my blogs knows that at HTRSD.ORG we specialize in combatting Human Trafficking and Social Disparities through education. FOSTA and SESTA purpose is to prohibit online Sex Trafficking. A lot of these online platforms like Backpages were shutdown because of the sex trafficking of women and children.

Clarksville police ‘skip the games’ in prostitution sting …

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. Since the FOSTA/SESTA, and closing on Backpages, there are a multitude of new online sex worker platforms up online and hosted in countries outside of the United States. But there are thousands of women selling sex for hire on websites like SKIP THE GAMES, which is a far more graphic online prostitution site: http://skipthegames.com/\

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. We are right back where we started from with the SKIP THE GAMES and all the rest of the online Sex For Hire Platforms. The FBI isn’t going to hire a 1000 new Special Agents to investigate the new platforms. Instead the local law enforcement and the FBI run Child Sex Stings to catch predators and also bust sex trafficking rings.

Sex workers say anti-trafficking law fuels inequality

Online Sex Worker Versus Sex Trafficking. Sex Workers feel their future is in jeopardy with the SESTA/FOSTA Bills. Sex workers feel that the anti-trafficking laws fuels inequality. They think that the stopping the online advertising puts them in jeopardy. Maybe it does put them in jeopardy but the last time I checked, prostitution was legal in certain areas within the State of Nevada. People like these sex workers who are protesting are so far out in clueless land that it defiles reason and accountability. As I said earlier there are a multitude of new online sex platforms like SKIP THE GAMES hosted in other countries. Obviously there is sex worker advertising taking place, though I wish there wasn’t.

Try to explain all of this bruhaha about sex workers inequality to the Children who are Commercially Sexually Exploited! Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid!

Read about Sex workers say anti-trafficking law fuels inequality https://www.marketplace.org/2019/04/30/sex-workers-fosta-sesta-trafficking-law-inequality/