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Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death

Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death

Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. How many people have to die from opioid overdoses, before there is political and social policy change? Every eleven minutes a new person has overdosed and died, which translates into over 5 an hour, 130 a day, 3,927 a month, 47,127 a year and those estimates are on the low side. Heroin and Cocaine is cut with Fentanyl, which is 50 times more potent then Heroin. Opioid epidemic has killed more people then gun violence and motor vehicle accidents. The Attorney General said over 2 million people are addicted to Pain Killers.




Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. Thousands of families have lost and will lose members to opioid overdoses. Those people who are callous and lack empathy say its not their problem are correct that they didn’t cause it. Take in the consideration that the apathetic ones can be victimized from the extremes addicts will do to support their addiction; Murder, Assault, Prostitution, Burglary, Shoplifting, Robbery, Forgery, Credit Card Fraud, Receiving Stolen Property, Fencing, Conspiracy, Illegal possession of Firearms, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, Extortion, Threat of Violence. Any innocent person can become a victim of any of these crimes, driven by an addict desperate to get money to buy drugs.



Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. How much more addiction research, studies, charts, graphs and statistics is needed before the Federal Government wakes to the UNDENIABLE FACT that thousands of people are dying from Opioid Overdoses and the War on Drugs is Lost?

We don’t need the news media telling us that Opioids Kills thousands of people. Tell it to the very small children in the elementary school, so they don’t fall victim. addiction researchers are tracking how many overdoses are fatal versus non-fatal and how is that going to stop overdoses? I have had it up to my back teeth hearing about community awareness and drug rehabilitation facilities touting their recovery success stories, because none of that is going to stop the overdoses unless the addict is in treatment. Do the government leaders understand that the opioid overdoses are those people that are not in inpatient drug treatment?

These opioid users are in the alley ways, sitting in cars, in the woods, behind a bush, in abandoned buildings, in a public restroom, in the public parks, under an overpass, homeless, in a tent, in a residence, a flop house and playgrounds shooting up, snorting and popping pills!

If the goal is to tell the nation that the U.S. has Opioid Epidemic then congrats!!!!

If the goal is to reduce the number of Opioid Overdoses then the United States needs a social and legal policy right now.



Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose DeathEvery 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. These addicts are not going to quit using Opioids until they are ready to get treatment or they are dead from an overdose. I want to see something in boiler plated in law that will help STOP OVERDOSES! The only thing that is going to work to decrease Drug Overdoses is the implementation of the Safe Injection Sites. A place where the an addict can go the drug under the supervision of medical professionals. It has worked in other countries and it will work here in the United States.

Article in Favor of Safe Injection Sites: NJ Assemblywoman says safe injection sites could save lives


Article Against Safe Injection Sites:  Safe injection site’ denounced as false solution to Philadelphia drug problem


Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death

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She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick

She Shouldn't Have To Suck Dick

Harms of Prostitution, Some Facts.

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick. Many women who are addicted to opioids, mainly Heroin, support their addiction performing sex for money. The title is crude, but it gets the point across that some addicts sell their bodies to support addiction. Prostitution is said to be one of worlds oldest professions. I am certainly not bashing on prostitutes. It is a women’s decision to choose whatever she elects to do with her body. Not all of the prostitutes are addicts and this article is not about the non-addicted women who has chosen prostitution as their occupation.  This article is about those addicted women who sell their body for money to support their addiction. It is my contention that women addicts, who prostitute to support their addiction are highly vulnerable for violence.


Tricking Ain’t Fun

She Shouldn't Have To Suck Dick

Prostitute talking with a potential Trick

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick. Prostitution is sometimes called “Tricking” and the client is known as a Date, John or Trick. In the United States, prostitutes can be found along the streets, in bars, casinos, motels or on the internet.  As stated earlier, not all prostitutes are addicted to drugs. Some escorts advertise on the internet or can be found in bars, casinos and they may earn something in the vicinity of $150.00 to $500.00 per hour, which translates into $2,842-$7,104 a month. Then there are those escort women, who are highly paid can earn thousands of dollars for a single night. The average street prostitute earns $20.00 to $30.00 for oral sex and $40.00 to $60.00 for intercourse. They might earn more for staying with trick all night or for providing anal sex or other fetishes. Some prostitutes are independent and others have a pimp. 

For the most part Tricking Ain’t Fun. Most men seek out to pay a prostitute for a no strings attached, physical release. Can you imagine what these women endure to earn money; it must be disgusting going down on a strange guy to perform oral sex in the front seat of his vehicle or in a motel room.  The guy might be groping the woman’s backside or breast. One could only imagine the urine stench surrounding the penis after being tucked away in his pants.

For the uncircumcised penis, hopefully the man practices hygiene and cleans under the hood. I can’t imagine the disgust of oral sex coupled with that cheesy smegma oozing into her mouth along with the urine stench.  Some prostitutes use condoms for oral sex while others do Bareback Blowjobs. Can you imagine how vile it must be with a stranger orgasming into her mouth and not to mention the possibility of infectious semen. Its all enough to make me gag and hurl! Its upsetting for me personally because our family lost a member to addiction and sex trafficking.

One would hope for vaginal and anal sex that condoms are used but who the hell knows! Most women who sell their bodies to support addiction hate doing it. Depending how big their habit is, and what are their earnings, is the deciding factor on how many dates they will do.


Not That Easy To Quit Using

She Shouldn't Have To Suck Dick

What Not to Say to Someone With a Drug Addiction Hurtful Comments Can Trigger Drug Use

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick. Unless you have had an addict in your life or worked with this population, it is very difficult to comprehend why they behave the way they do. You can drag them off to detox and rehab, but until they are ready to get clean and sober, the clinical treatment will be a costly waste of money. These people may not be willing to quit using heroin under the threat of incurring emotional, mental, physical harm to their health nor for social, and or legal reasons. Its really very difficult for the non-addict to come to terms with the reality that addicts will not get clean and sober until they are ready to do so.


Drug Court

She Shouldn't Have To Suck Dick

OPIOID CRISIS: Drug courts have goal of rehabilitation

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick. There is one forcible hand to push sobriety, that I have witnessed work successfully and that is Drug Court. The reason I say this is because, I know two women who I met during my graduate school Nursing Case Management Project in Camden, New Jersey. They got mixed up in felonies to support their addiction and were arrested by the police. Both of these women also did prostitution as well. The drug court process is meant to adjudicate the offender who is an addict into the justice system, but to offer a pretrial alternative of getting clean and sober. If they fail to get clean and sober, then they are remanded to go to the state prison to serve out the penalty for the felony. Drug court and all its processes is one very punitive system that holds the addict’s feet to the fire. If you want to learn more about Drug Court then access the link below.




Safe Injection Sites
She Shouldn't Have To Suck Dick

Work toward Seattle’s safe injection site slows as court case continues

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick. Safe Addiction Sites are locations where an addict can go and safely use heroin under the supervision of medical professionals.

According to the Department of Nursing at USC; the health risks of IV drug use are extreme — 130 people die from an overdose every day in the United States. External link  The lifetime risk of dying from an opioid overdose is greater than that of a car collision: External link  1 in 96 versus 1 in 103.

The U.S. government has struggled to control the most recent. Other countries have decided to give people misusing intravenous drugs ownership over at least one aspect of their addiction: location.

People use opioids “wherever they can,” said Kathleen Woodruff External link  DNP, ANP-BC, clinical assistant professor at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Department of Nursing. “The street, abandoned buildings … they will find a place to use.”

Supervised injection sites are also called safe injection facilities, overdose prevention centers and drug consumption rooms (DCRs).   According to Woodruff, who has worked with high-need communities in Baltimore and specializes in HIV and substance misuse, supervised injection sites serve several purposes.

Aside from providing people who inject drugs with safe and medically supervised locations to use drugs, they provide critical services such as case management and medical, social and mental health care.

To read more about Safe Injection Sites, access the link below:

Supervised Injection Sites Are Coming to the United States. Here’s What You Should Know: https://nursing.usc.edu/blog/supervised-injection-sites/



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