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War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

War On Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

Deming, New Mexico Police Chief

War On Drugs Leads to Forced Enema. This is no sick joke and really happened to this poor bloke in City of Deming located in Hildago County, New Mexico. Police stopped David Eckert, age 54 and suspected him of carrying drugs inside his rectum. Police handcuffed, obtained a warrant from Luna County and took Eckert to hospital number one, which refused. So Police drove outside of Luna County, 50 miles to hospital number two, Gila Regional Medical Center, which is located in Grant County. There at Gila Medical Center, the physicians and nurse carried out these heinous procedures.

Eckert ended up with a $1.6 Million Dollars settlement from the City and County. In truth, that is not even enough money for the absolute horror, disgust, humiliation and brutality that Eckert endured.  It should have been $16 Million Dollars.


Hospital Billed Eckert $6,000.00 for unconsented procedures

War on Drugs Leads to Forced EnemaWar on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema. The police then drove Eckert 50 miles to the emergency room of the Gila Regional Medical Center, where doctors took X-rays of Eckert’s abdomen and performed a rectal examination. No drugs were found, so doctors performed a second rectal exam, again unavailing.

Doctors then gave Eckert an enema and forced him to have a bowel movement in the presence of a nurse and policeman, according to a lawsuit that Eckert filed. When no narcotics were found, a second enema was administered. Then a third.
The police left the privacy curtain open, so that Eckert’s searches were public, the lawsuit says.
After hours of fruitless searches, police and doctors arranged another X-ray and finally anesthetized Eckert and performed a colonoscopy.
“Nothing was found inside of Mr. Eckert,” the police report notes. So after he woke up, he was released — after 13 hours, two rectal exams, three enemas, two X-rays and a colonoscopy.

New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/26/opinion/sunday/kristof-3-enemas-later-still-no-drugs.html


War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

Eckert, continuously protested and did not consent, to the following.

War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

  • 2 x-rays – no narcotics found
  • 2 digital rectal exams – no narcotics found
  • 3 forced enemas – no narcotics found in feces
  • Colonoscopy under sedation – no narcotics found
  • The hospital sent Eckert a $6,000 bill.


Syracuse cops push St. Joe’s to probe man’s rectum for drugs; ‘What country are we living in?’

Video: https://www.syracuse.com/crime/2018/12/syracuse-cops-push-st-joes-to-probe-mans-rectum-for-drugs-what-country-are-we-living-in.html

To learn more about what is wrong with this misguided society: https://htrsd.org/

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting Nurses

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting Nurses

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting NursesPsychiatric Patients Assaulting Nurses. I will get right to the point, if you are Nurse employed at a facility that is eliminating physically restraining dangerous patients, then get your health and life insurance paid. These ludicrous decisions are made by the leadership who are not in harms way. Did these facilities suddenly come up with a new method to deescalate psychiatric patient who is abusive, threatening and violent?  I think NOT!

Your Facility Leadership May be Placing You at Risks

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting Staff.  Your leadership obviously doesn’t give a damn about your safety and welfare. If during a violent patient altercation, you sustain a traumatic brain injury or lose your vision is the leadership going to be there for you? Some genius who is not in harms way has determined that it was cruel and inhumane to physically restrain psychiatric patients who are out of control. Staff are now going to be conditioned to try to use verbal de-escalation on psychotic patient who is outside his mind and a potential threat.

I don’t like having to restrain someone but it beats getting physically injured by a dangerous patient. I am not referring to an elderly patient with dementia. I am talking about the 6 foot 250 adolescent or adult male who was brought in by police following smoking Wet (marijuana laced with embalming fluid) or the same size guy who has been off his meds for three months. You can put up any claim you wish that physical restraints don’t work. But I will tell you from having worked as a Registered Nurse in inner city emergency departments, that sometimes it is necessary to restrain patients, and the method is effective. Of course the Nurse has to routinely monitor the patient and check the physical restraints.

The reasons to physically restrain someone was due to a patient who is violent or self-destructive or whose behavior jeopardizes the immediate physical safety of him- or herself or another person may meet the behavioral health requirements for restraints. Examples of such behaviors include:

  • hitting, kicking, or pushing
  • pulling on an I.V. line, tube, or other medical equipment or device needed to treat the patient’s condition
  • attempting to get out of a bed, chair, or hospital room before discharge, in patients who are confused or otherwise unable to follow safety directions.

Before using restraints, always explore alternatives for keeping the patient and others safe. When considering such options, discuss with the patient any conditions that may need to be addressed, such as pain, anxiety, fear, or depression. If distraction and other alternatives prove ineffective at calming the patient and he or she continues to pose a risk, consult with other healthcare team members.

Choosing the right restraint: https://www.americannursetoday.com/choosing-restraints/


Violence Against Nurses

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting NursesPsychiatric Patients Assaulting Staff. Violence against nurses is occurring in the news every week. I do empathize that physically restraining a patient is dehumanizing. But given the danger and risks for staff injury, the necessity to physically restrain a patient is far better then the Nurse getting their ass kicked by a deranged patient.  It goes right back to the people outside of harms way who are making these stupid executive decisions. If leadership is not going to put in measures to ensure that Nurses are protected then they get ready to be sued.

Its a fact that Nurses are more likely to be injured by assault then a Corrections Officer and Police Officer. Imagine that you the Nurse is working to care for patients and evidence states that you are more likely to incur injury from patient then law enforcement.

Studies show over and over again that violence against healthcare workers has become a rising epidemic.

Violence Against Nurses Higher Than Most Professions

The prevalence of workplace violence in health care remains higher than most professions.

  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 75 percent of nearly 25,000 workplace assaults reported annually in health care and social service settings.
  • The National Crime Victimization Survey showed health care workers have a 20 percent higher chance of being the victim of workplace violence than other workers.
  • The American College of Emergency Physicians reported that 70 percent of emergency physicians have reported acts of violence against them, yet only 3 percent pressed charges.

So many people don’t want to talk about it. They think they will be in trouble if they talk at work about being assaulted.

In healthcare, workers provide the safety and care for the patients. But they end up in a conflicted situation. They have to decide if they are going to protect themselves or their patients in certain violent situations, Simpson says.

Nurses feel like it is just part of the job to deal with abusive language, threats and the violence. But patients showing signs of agitation or aggression should be identified as high-risk to prevent an act of violence.


Nurses Say Violent Assaults Against Healthcare Workers Are a Silent Epidemic:


Nurses working in acute care facilities do not deal with steady stream of psychiatric patients and yet they are incurring violence. Can one imagine the frequency of violence that the Nurses working inside psychiatric facilities, which may incur with the advent of the new push to eliminate physical restraints?


Violence Against Nurses: The New Epidemic: https://htrsd.org/all-courses/

Federal Justice System Incompetence

Federal Justice System Incompetence

Federal Justice System Incompetence

James & Michelle Butler – need not be dead, had Federal Justice System competently performed its job.

Federal Justice System Incompetence. Husband and wife both found dead, buried on Padre Island Beach, Corpus Christi area of the State of Texas.  James and Michelle Butler, went missing in October 2019. Adam Curtis Williams, age 33, arrested on 11/06/2019 in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. Williams traveling with Amanda Noverr, crossed into Mexico driving the Butlers 2018 Silver Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck towing a Cedar Creel RV, which belonged to the Butlers. The media reports that Amanda Noverr, was also traveling with her 3 year old daughter.




Federal Justice System Incompetence.

William Curtis Adams

Federal Justice System Incompetence. Just Look at the list of the criminal events followed by the absolute incompetence:

(1). Adam Curtis Williams served 8 years in Federal prison for a 2010 Drug Trafficking and Weapons conviction.
(2) He was released from Federal Prison in December 2018.
(3) He violated his Supervised Parole Release 3 Times.
(4) In July 2019, at his Probation Revocation Hearing, the Judge ruled Williams could remain free under Supervised Release.
(5) In August 2019, in the State of Utah, Williams was charged with Domestic Violence and Assault of a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.
(6) In September 2019, Williams was charged with Rape, Sodomy a and Forced Sexual Abuse for an incident that took place in April 2019.
(7). In May 2019, Williams was charged with Possession of Heroin and Drug Paraphernalia.
(8). On October 8, 2019, Williams did not report to the Court Hearing in Utah, for the August 2019 Charges.
(9). Williams is in the Kleberg County Jail, Texas on $1 Million Bail

How could a Federal Judge in good standing, competently justify releasing Williams, after he has violated his Probation 3 Times? Then look what he has done. Where is the common sense and the ethical moral judgement in good faith to protect the citizens?

Adam Curtis Williams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: http://Adam Curtis Williams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Federal Justice System Incompetence.

In Texas. Criminal Justice Will Be Served

Federal Justice System Incompetence. Adam Curtis Williams has met his match in the State of Texas where Criminal Justice is swift and certain. If convicted of Felony Theft Murder, Williams will receive a well deserved Lethal Injection Cocktail complements of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC). His goose is as good as cooked in the State of Texas.

Kleberg County’s Sherriff Department and Prosecutors Office has committed 100% of the efforts to bring all persons involved in James and Michelle Butlers deaths to Justice. One thing, I like about the State of Texas, is that the Criminal System brings its offenders to Justice to answer for their crimes.


Suspects linked to New Hampshire couple’s deaths found in Mexico:



Sexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites

Sexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites

Sexual Predation of Amish and MennonitesSexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites. An old world religious culture is a sinister life of secrecy for many of its women members.  In this male dominated community where women and girls are treated as property. It is the perfect breeding ground for sex abuse and incest. The sole purpose is perseveration of the Amish and Mennonite communities, which has little exposure to the greater world.


How Sexual Abuse is Handled Within The Community

Sexual Predation of Amish and MennonitesSexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites. When a man is discovered to have abused his children, he is shunned for 6 weeks. No one will speak or eat with him in the community. After the 6 weeks of penance and silence, he is forgiven before God and taken back into the church community. He returns home to his house with the children and his spouse. Neither the children nor the spouse are offered any type of protections. Obviously he is not going to stop sexually abusing.


Sexual Predation of Amish and MennonitesMrs. Dueck, 48, a mother of five who until recently attended Mennonite churches, launched the organization to provide everything from public education to behind-the-scenes advocacy for abuse victims among the Plain People.

She said that since childhood — when she went to a small Mennonite church school in Kentucky where she counted as many as seven families with victims of sexual abuse — she has seen too many cases covered up by churches. Too many cases where victims were shamed, where girls were blamed as temptresses despite wearing the prescribed coverings and long dresses, where the abused were told to forgive the abusers who made a show of repentance.

She said she started this work “because I am a survivor. I knew that something had to change.”

Never Alone: https://newsinteractive.post-gazette.com/coverings/amish-mennonite-sexual-abuse-support-podcasts-advocacy-victims/

Our Mennonite Friend

Sexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites. My family bought a Spaniel Puppy named Nigel from a nice Mennonite woman by the name (R). We found the ad online and she had a friend from the mainstream run. We called the phone number on the ad and made arrangements to come see the puppy. To make a long story short, we bought the puppy and he is great little guy. We have returned many times over a course of years. We got to know the (R), her sisters, brothers and parents.  (R) is more gregarious and shared how she and her sisters are sexually abused by the male family members. (R) said that because of all the sexual abuse, her younger sister, left the community to go live in the city. Sexual abuse is very rampant in Lancaster County Pennsylvania among the Mennonite and Amish communities.  The victims are both adults and children. The predators are family members and members of the community.


Some Predators Have Been Arrested and Prosecuted

The Amish do not educate the children on the basics of sex or good touch versus bad touch. So children are not aware of inappropriate touching or advances. Neither the parents or the community educate their children on known predators and rapist living in their community. One Amish’s story of abuse starting at age 4 and it lasted into her teens:


Torah Bontrager’s betrayal by those closest to her began at age four. In the shielded-from-view world of her Amish community, her ordeal started with severe parental physical and verbal abuse followed by uncles’ serial rapes. At 15, Torah fled to the false safety of a divorced paternal uncle in Montana who, shortly after her arrival, raped her more times than she could remember over the course of 7 months.

Survivor Speaks Out Against Amish Rape Culture Ahead of Sentencing:



Casual Dating or Hookup

Casual Dating or Hookup

Casual Dating or HookupCasual Dating or Hookup.  Doublelist.com is one of thousand online sites with people alluring to hookup casually with one another. Other sites like Tinder, Adult Friend Finder, e Harmony or Match.com There are casual dating and hookup advertisements are for nearly every desire and orientation. People might be doing it for the adventure, newness or a lack of intimacy. There are no rules really except maybe within the sites themselves but one should be wary that they don’t meet up with a sexual predator.  The ads below are from Doubelist.com and they are everything from clever, to the point, weird, witty and downright tasteless.

To read more about casual dating see: https://www.regain.us/advice/dating/what-is-casual-dating-when-it-turns-serious/

Woman seeks certain guy

Casual Dating or Hookup

Fit man to come and set up our Christmas lights

Casual Dating or Hookup. I am a woman in my forties, married and every year a certain handsome, fit man comes and sets up our Christmas lights. That time is coming again soon and this year, I’d like you to do some work inside the house as well. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do! This person may have a devout husband busting his butt to pay for the hefty mortgage and property taxes. Or perhaps he is a boring abusive jerk with erectile dysfunction, who drinks to much and enjoys playing golf more then the home life. Who the hell knows?

Does anyone here throw hatchets?

Casual Dating or Hookup

Seeking handsome hatchet/axe thrower

Casual Dating or Hookup. Looking for a holiday hookup. Curvy, chubby girl, Blonde haired, blue eyed 26yo seeking handsome hatchet/axe thrower. Looking for someone to throw/drink with and then go home with. You must host, and preferably bearded. If I was a player, I most definitely would not go see this woman.   Strange company, drinking and hatchet throwing sounds more like a scene from the movie Hostel.

Bf is going to watch

Casual Dating or Hookup

At the hotel boy friend will watch unless I tell him to join

Need a guy bigger than my average man. Must be D&D free. Boy friend is going to watch. Want to get drinks then head to the hotel. At the hotel boy friend will watch unless I tell him to join. HOT 28 yr old. Be attractive and 8 or > inches. I hope there are no hatchets here. This is a potential blood bath. If I was this couple, I would suggest she try kissing and cuddling first, THEN test the waters!

Birthday sex/crimson tide
Casual Dating or Hookup

Just started my period. Need cuddles

Casual Dating or Hookup. Hit me up for details, it’s my birthday, I’m 27, wanna have adult fun all into the night. Just started my period. Need cuddles and movies and games etc. When I saw ‘Crimson Tide”, I thought maybe University of Alabama alumni. Then I read the ad!


I need a sub for release
Casual Dating or Hookup

I am so filled with heat that I am about to explode.

Casual Looking or Hookup. I spend most days biting down and I am so filled with heat that I am about to explode. I am a masculine guy hoping to find the sub that welcomes me taking them. I want to be selfish and focus only on my own needs.  Please be clean and no bugs.



Source: https://doublelist.com/choose_city/




Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity

Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity

Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity.  Young women auctioning off their virginity online to the highest bidder, might be for some very difficult to fathom and for others who support it, they believe that woman should reserve the right to decide for themselves. It draws to one of the questions of the ages, as to who has the right to tell a woman, what she can and cannot do to her body?

Alexandra Kefren, Romanian Model

Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity. At age 18, Alexandra Kefren’s virginity was auctioned off through the website Cinderella Escorts, which charges 20%, which equates to $500,000 for brokering Alexandra Kefren’s $2.5 Million dollar deal. The buyer was a Hong Kong Businessman. When interviewed by Maxim. Alexandra said she was planning on buying her parents a home and to pay for her college tuition at Oxford University. Now in 2018, Alexandra. is saying it was all a lie and she didn’t go through with it. She was influenced aby the movie “Indecent Proposal”. Alexandra said it was a publicity stunt to attract women to sex work and the Cinderella Escorts website.



Giselle, American Model

Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity. Giselle, a 19 year old American Model, auctioned off her virginity for $3.9 Million dollars, through the website Cinderella Escorts. The winning bidder was a businessman in Abu Dhabi. Giselle said she has had no regrets whatsoever and has used the phrase as her “Emancipation”. Having the money has been liberating, allowing her to buy a house, travel and see the world.


Cinderella Escorts

Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity

Girl Who Sold Her Virginity For $1M Now Loves The Man Who Bought Her

Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity. Cinderella Escorts was one of the first brokering sites to buy some’s virginity. http://www.cinderella-escorts.com/en/escorts-virgins

Now there are other website competitors. Brokerages like Cinderella Escorts, do the screening of bidders and require a 10% deposit to ensure that the bidder is serious. The woman required to fulfill getting a medical examination to verify they are a virgin with a physician’s attestation. According to Cinderella Escorts website, I counted 112 available women on their Virgin Category

These million dollar auction pay outs are the rarity.  The average women an expect a dollar amount of $10,000 to $30,000. There are even published books about Selling Virginity available for sale through Amazon. In light of the security advantages, some woman go the independent route to represent themselves to avoid paying the brokering fee but this carries risks of possibly being Sex Trafficked or harmed by a Sexual Predator.

Cinderella Escorts: http://www.cinderella-escorts.com/en/escort-press

Miriam Weeks Aka Belle Knox

Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity. Although Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks did not auction off her virginity, she was in pornography business and its is not to far of a stretch.  Miriam weeks was doing porn to pay for her Duke University $60,000 per year Tuition. Miriam Weeks went through hell and back from students, the online harassment and the media that tormenting her while attending Duke University. Regardless of how you feel about pornography, for me, I respect Miriam Weeks for having the courage to stick with her convictions and she did graduate from Duke University.


People are going to do whatever they sent in motion with conviction to do. If you don’t agree with women auctioning off their virginity, then your entitled to your opinion. If you don’t like pornography, then that is fine too. But maybe some of these circumstances go beyond just monetization of acquiring money. Maybe life is hard and their poor. The idea of selling ones virginity or doing pornography is (maybe) their best decision as opposed to earning a low wage. I am not defending it but people need to look beyond the morality of it all.

In closing, a lot of this exist because we have the Internet. I don’t know if the Internet is the best or worst thing that ever happened. You can be the judge for yourself if the internet is good or bad. The internet is to me like an extension of life. It is how you select to use the Internet and what you decide to get involved in. Life is pretty much the same way.

NLP Hypnosis Rape

NLP Hypnosis Rape

NLP Hypnosis Rape NLP Hypnosis Rape. Ohio Divorce Attorney Michael W. Fine used Neuro Linguistical Programing NLP to maliciously hypnotize his female clients and sexually assault them. Divorce is an emotional and stressful event. When people are seeking divorce representation, they maybe experiencing stress and are in a vulnerable state. Michael Fine was finally discovered by the police after a woman wore a wire and recorded his hypnotizing. Fine was arrested, charged, tried in the court of law, convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Upon his release, he will be required to register as a Tier 2 Sex Offender. Thus far six women came forward and police believe there are many more victims.

One victims account

NLP Hypnosis Rape

Micheal W. Fine. Ohio lawyer hypnotized six female clients and then molested them.

For this victim it was a routine visit to the lawyer’s office following her divorce.

NLP Hypnosis Rape. The Sheffield Village, Ohio, woman visited the now 59-year-old Michael W. Fine, her lawyer, to discuss a custody issue. They chatted, and she paid him a $1,500 fee.
It was business as usual. At least, she thought it was.

When she left, though, she noticed that her bra was disheveled, and her vaginal area was wet, according to court documents. Upon further reflection, she realized her memory of everything that went on in the room was foggy.

The meeting blurred into a blank spot, which was odd — it wasn’t as if she’d been drinking alcohol or taking any medications.


Victim Speak Out. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uztOu7Pl5hg

10 Tactics to defeat NLP

NLP Hypnosis Rape. Politicians, Psychologist, Sales people, Marketers and unethical malicious people will use the NLP to covertly hypnotize unwary people.

  1. Be extremely wary of people copying your body language. Someone copies your posture and movements.
  2. Move your eyes in random and unpredictable patterns. Move your eyes side to side, up and down. Be natural how you do it so the person cannot tell how you access and store information.
  3. Do not let anybody touch you. Pretty self explanatory. Don’t ever let someone touch you. Say please don’t touch me again!
  4. Be wary of vague language. Tell them you don’t understand what they are talking about.
  5. Be wary of permissive language.“Feel free to relax.” “You’re welcome to test drive this car if you like.” “You can enjoy this as much as you like.” “Feel free to become as relaxed as you like.” Watch the f**k out for this.
  6. Be wary of gibberish. Hypnotist makes up a nonsense phrases like “As you release this feeling more and more you will find yourself moving into present alignment with the sound of your success more and more. ALWAYS say “Can you be more specific about that” or “Can you explain exactly what you mean?”
  7. Read between the lines. Use expressions with hidden layered meanings such as diet, nutrition, sleep with me is good. The untrained person will hear diet, nutrition and the sleep with me is good, is in their subconscious.
  8. Watch your attention. Don’t zone out because they hypnotist will hijack your subconscious to take you wherever they want to go.
  9. Don’t agree to anything. If you are buying a product or service, wait 24 hours.
  10. Trust your intuition. Always trust your gut. If your gut tells you that someone is trying to screw with you, then believe it because they most likely are.


Human Trafficking Victims Hesitant to Contact Police

Human Trafficking Victims Hesitant to Contact Police

Human Trafficking Victims Hesitant to Contact Police.  Police still arrest Child Prostitutes for Prostitution. They see a prostitute as a working girl supporting a drug habit selling sex. It is provocative and strange but factual unless the Police have had the right type of Human Trafficking training.  Victims of Human Trafficking are taught not trust outsiders and especially the Police. Some victims may fear being deported and these people might not self identify themselves as victims.


Read this citation and weep

The girls are 16 and 17 years old. Sometimes as young as 10. They’re brought into juvenile hall wearing miniskirts and crop tops in the middle of February. Or they show up at an urgent-care clinic with three different sexually transmitted infections, or for their second pregnancy test in two months.

Stacey Katz, executive director of WestCoast Children’s Clinic in Oakland, knows that they are victims of sex trafficking, even if the girls don’t always say it. Their traffickers are men they call their boyfriends. Their abusers — their so-called clients — may be relatives, school counselors, lawyers. Sometimes, they’re cops.

Last month, when an 18-year-old woman began telling reporters she’d had sex with 29 Bay Area law enforcement officers over the past two years, including Oakland officers she met on the streets, Katz wasn’t surprised.

Source: https://www.sfchronicle.com/health/article/Police-abuse-of-trafficking-victims-weakens-8382480.php

A child under the age of 17 cannot legally consent to have sex but they can be arrested in the State of Texas, working as a prostitute. The Governor of Texas vetoed the Bill to prohibit arresting children for prostitution working as prostitutes. These children are victims of sexual abuse and the police can still arrests them.

“The Governor Abbott of the State of Texas rationale for vetoing the Bill is because it takes away options that law enforcement and prosecutors can use to separate victims from their traffickers,” Abbott said. “And it may provide a perverse incentive for traffickers to use underage prostitutes, knowing they cannot be arrested for engaging in prostitution.”

Source: https://www.texastribune.org/2019/06/21/abbott-vetos-child-prostitution-bill/



Human TraffickingLink to our course on Human Trafficking Response

Sex Worker by Choice

Sex Worker by Choice

Sex Worker by ChoiceSex Worker by Choice. There is big difference between a Sex Worker who is a consenting adult and is voluntarily to choosing to work in that occupation as compared to those who are Sex Trafficked. Kaytlin Bailey, now a comedian, was a voluntary sex worker. She was not addicted to drugs and was not doing sex work to pay bills. Kaytlin was just curious about the work.

“I fantasized about being a whore for years, but I started seriously considering doing it when I googled “escort Raleigh, NC.” I found a message board, and posted an ad. At the time, this work meant freedom from the constraints of adolescence. I got to step into a fantasy world, a fantasy character. It felt very powerful.”https://www.lavocedinewyork.com/en/arts/2016/08/18/kaytlin-bailey-i-used-to-be-a-whore-and-i-laugh-about-it/

 Consenting Adult As A Sex Worker 

Sex Worker by ChoiceSex Worker by Choice. But I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with an adult voluntarily choosing to be a sex worker. There is a social debate in the United States and in some European countries as to whether Sex Work should be decriminalized. Nevada is a strange paradox where prostitution is legalized in certain parts of the state. I don’t think prostitution and porn is going away any time to soon. People who voluntarily choose to work in those occupations should be able to do so without undue scrutiny.


What a sex worker can teach us about human connection | Nicole Emma |

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7xLfeTytns



The complexity of human trafficking legislation

The complexity of human trafficking legislation

The complexity of human trafficking legislation is a real impediment to making a quantifiable difference in reducing human trafficking activity “on the ground.” It may well be a cliche at this point to note that “the road to hell” is paved with good intentions, but when it comes to finding workable solutions to the problem, “good intentions” may not have the desired result. As a case in point, reason.com takes a close look at the intersection of the illegal drug problem with the human trafficking problem, and finds that conflating the provision of drugs to individuals offering sex for pay as an act of human trafficking may end up causing more harm to human trafficking victims than good. And, while no one believes that those promulgating such solutions are only trying to do good, the complexity of the problem of human trafficking – especially when it is combined with other social ills, illustrates just how difficult it can be to find ways to improve the situation.

Much of the U.S. government’s effort to “stop human trafficking” consists of defining a larger and larger subset of activity as trafficking, then cracking down on this ancillary activity. New legislation from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D–Ohio) would expand this territory even further. Under Brown’s bill, “using drugs or illegal substances to cause a person to engage in a commercial sex act” or in any kind of labor would be punishable under federal criminal laws related to human trafficking.

It’s certainly wrong (and should be criminal) to force drugs on someone in order to get them to do something they wouldn’t otherwise consent to, be that engaging in any sort of sex or performing any sort of work. That’s why doing so is already punishable under a range of criminal statutes.

But Brown’s bill (S. 2197) is vaguely worded enough to open up new possibilities, like charging anyone who sells drugs to a sex worker as a sex trafficker (or at least threatening them with this if they don’t cop to some lesser offense) and counting any informal trade of drugs for any sort of labor as a human trafficking offense.

Read more at reason.com

Human TraffickingLink to our course on Human Trafficking Response

How to prevent human trafficking – A 2 Minute Read, 15 Important Links

How to prevent human trafficking – A 2 Minute Read, 15 Important Links

No matter how committed to the fight, it’s often difficult to feel knowledgeable about how to prevent human trafficking in a productive way. While there are a multitude of information resources from governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, and even the United Nations, the huge amount of information out there can sometimes stop you in your tracks when you are looking for actionable steps you can take to make a difference.

Today, we share a simple and short two minute read on a web page provided by the U.S. State Department, that provides 15 Important Links about what people can do help prevent human trafficking:

Anyone can join in the fight against human trafficking. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

Read all 15 links at state.gov

FOSTA SESTA and Sex TraffickingLink to our course on Sex Trafficking Response