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Heroin Addicts Daily Routine A Heroin Addict’s Daily Routine. Most people have no unearthly idea the amount of discipline it takes to be a Heroin addict. Many of us might think that an active using Heroin Addict is lazy but they are certainly not! I have worked with enough heroin addicts to understand the amount discipline and tenacity that they exercise in their day-to-day activities.

The Discipline To Use Heroin

Most heroin addicts when they get up for the day, are confronted with the grim reality of being on E (Empty), which is not enough of the drug in their body to keep them from getting dope sick (flu like symptoms that only worsen). Dope sickness is worse then motion sickness. The addict can get so sick that they experience abdominal cramps, body aches, cold sweats, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The first order of the day is to get off E. If the addict has a bag of dope left over then they use. In most cases, the heroin addict is not to terrific at saving money, so they have to forge a head to acquire money.

Activities To Earn Money and Using Heroin

Heroin Addicts Daily RoutineA Heroin Addict’s Daily Routine.  Some addicts panhandle, shoplift (boosting), burglarize, rob, steal, or prostitute. Some may even work a legitimate job. It is my belief that women addicts are at the greatest risks of harm then their male counterparts.  If the woman is a prostitute she might take a stroll down the red light district corridor to catch a date (John). If she gets a date, then she performs a sex act in exchange for money. Of course its not always that easy to go on sex date because some Johns are abusive and maybe even dangerous. After the date, she goes to the drug set to buy a bag of heroin. On the way to the drug set, she might have to evade law enforcement. There might be another addict waiting for that unsuspecting female on E to rob her of the just acquired money. After she gets bag of dope, then she has to find a place to use it. Some addicts duck into an abandoned building (Abando) or the woods. Heroin can be smoked, snorted or injected into a vein. Most addicts are Intravenous Drug Addicts (IVDA) and if they have been using for awhile then their venous access is very poor.  It might take a few minutes or maybe an hour to access a vein to get a flashback in the syringe. If she blows the vein and drug enters the subcutaneous tissues,  then it might cause a nasty and painful skin abscess to form. There is always the risks that the Heroin is cut with something like Fentanyl and she might overdose. A lot addicts prefer the Heroin cut with Fentanyl.

Heroin Addicts Daily Routine A Heroin Addict’s Daily Routine. Drug sets are controlled by different gangs and they are competing to get customers. There have been drug dealers will put out pure heroin or Fentanyl to spread the news that their brand is more potent. The word of the potency gets around on the street to the other addicts that a particular Drug Set has really good product because X number of people have keeled over from an overdose.  If you think that most addicts would use good judgement and insight to avoid buying from that unscrupulous drug set, then you would be mistaken.

For the addict obtain the money is an endless repetitive cycle. A Heroin Addict might be characterized as many things but lazy they are not. Being addicted to Heroin is an awful drudgery. Heroin gives people an unforgiving addiction that is physically insufferable if the cravings are not satisfied and it is very difficult to quit.



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A Heroin Addict's Daily Routine

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