Human Trafficking Response and Social Disparities Training
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Sex Trafficking Victim Identification and Response Training for Emergency Department

Protecting Victims and Personnel

Human Trafficking 

The Human Trafficking Response Program (HTRP) is a comprehensive solution for hospitals and other medical facilities to educates and empower administrators, nurses, physicians, and security personnel to effectively address this pressing public health issue.


Designed to be both effective and cost-efficient, the HTRP is customized to compliment the administrative and policy/procedural structure of each client organization and is continually updated to reflect the current legal environment and best practices to ensure optimal benefit.

Meet Airica Kraehmer 

Human Trafficking Survivor and Advocate

Airica D Kraehmer (Author), Erick Vera (Editor), Jesus Cordero (Illustrator), Jessica Vera (Foreword)

#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER! Do you ever wonder how to stay safe in your pursuit to be a model or actor? If the answer is yes, Airica D. Kraehmer is here to guide your way. As the survivor-activist and nationally known bestselling author, Airica Kraehmer has established a community by sharing advice on how to dodge enslavement in pursuit of your dream to become the next top model.

Human Trafficking Survivor and Advocate

Airica Kraehmer

“I believe we can create a world where human trafficking, exploitation and abuses of power do not exist. I want to be part of the story to make these crimes stop.”

Airica D. Kraehmer has seen first-hand the tragic pain caused by unregulated industries. As a survivor-activist, her heart feels the tugging pain to work toward change. She uses her story, voice, and platform to bring awareness, prevention and vital resources for survivors to be successful in their pursuit of a second chance.

Continuing Education for Nurses

Human Trafficking and Social Disparities Courses

Our course library delivers responsive and effective learning for individual Health Care Providers and Healthcare Groups and Organizations. Courses are carefully developed to bring practically applicable knowledge and methods to address human trafficking and social disparity issues.

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