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Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity.  Young women auctioning off their virginity online to the highest bidder, might be for some very difficult to fathom and for others who support it, they believe that woman should reserve the right to decide for themselves. It draws to one of the questions of the ages, as to who has the right to tell a woman, what she can and cannot do to her body?

Alexandra Kefren, Romanian Model

Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity. At age 18, Alexandra Kefren’s virginity was auctioned off through the website Cinderella Escorts, which charges 20%, which equates to $500,000 for brokering Alexandra Kefren’s $2.5 Million dollar deal. The buyer was a Hong Kong Businessman. When interviewed by Maxim. Alexandra said she was planning on buying her parents a home and to pay for her college tuition at Oxford University. Now in 2018, Alexandra. is saying it was all a lie and she didn’t go through with it. She was influenced aby the movie “Indecent Proposal”. Alexandra said it was a publicity stunt to attract women to sex work and the Cinderella Escorts website.



Giselle, American Model

Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity. Giselle, a 19 year old American Model, auctioned off her virginity for $3.9 Million dollars, through the website Cinderella Escorts. The winning bidder was a businessman in Abu Dhabi. Giselle said she has had no regrets whatsoever and has used the phrase as her “Emancipation”. Having the money has been liberating, allowing her to buy a house, travel and see the world.


Cinderella Escorts

Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity

Girl Who Sold Her Virginity For $1M Now Loves The Man Who Bought Her

Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity. Cinderella Escorts was one of the first brokering sites to buy some’s virginity. http://www.cinderella-escorts.com/en/escorts-virgins

Now there are other website competitors. Brokerages like Cinderella Escorts, do the screening of bidders and require a 10% deposit to ensure that the bidder is serious. The woman required to fulfill getting a medical examination to verify they are a virgin with a physician’s attestation. According to Cinderella Escorts website, I counted 112 available women on their Virgin Category

These million dollar auction pay outs are the rarity.  The average women an expect a dollar amount of $10,000 to $30,000. There are even published books about Selling Virginity available for sale through Amazon. In light of the security advantages, some woman go the independent route to represent themselves to avoid paying the brokering fee but this carries risks of possibly being Sex Trafficked or harmed by a Sexual Predator.

Cinderella Escorts: http://www.cinderella-escorts.com/en/escort-press

Miriam Weeks Aka Belle Knox

Women Auctioning Off Their VirginityWomen Auctioning Off Their Virginity. Although Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks did not auction off her virginity, she was in pornography business and its is not to far of a stretch.  Miriam weeks was doing porn to pay for her Duke University $60,000 per year Tuition. Miriam Weeks went through hell and back from students, the online harassment and the media that tormenting her while attending Duke University. Regardless of how you feel about pornography, for me, I respect Miriam Weeks for having the courage to stick with her convictions and she did graduate from Duke University.


People are going to do whatever they sent in motion with conviction to do. If you don’t agree with women auctioning off their virginity, then your entitled to your opinion. If you don’t like pornography, then that is fine too. But maybe some of these circumstances go beyond just monetization of acquiring money. Maybe life is hard and their poor. The idea of selling ones virginity or doing pornography is (maybe) their best decision as opposed to earning a low wage. I am not defending it but people need to look beyond the morality of it all.

In closing, a lot of this exist because we have the Internet. I don’t know if the Internet is the best or worst thing that ever happened. You can be the judge for yourself if the internet is good or bad. The internet is to me like an extension of life. It is how you select to use the Internet and what you decide to get involved in. Life is pretty much the same way.