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Trauma Informed Care For AddictsTrauma Informed Care For Addicts. I have worked with enough drug addicts to know that Trauma Informed Care is highly necessary to incorporate into helping the person get into recovery and remain there. If 59% of all adults have experienced at least one Adverse Childhood Event, then it is fair to say that Drug addicts have experienced many. Drug addiction is not a disease. But it does lead to other diseases.  Drug addiction is using substances to mask over and numb pain. There are over 12,000 Drug Treatment facilities in the United States and most would disagree with me that addiction is not a disease. For them, addiction must be a disease so they can bill the insurance for the treatment. Psychosocial histories can be invaluable in revealing about traumas; like emotional and physical abuse, child sexual abuse, poor nutrition, deprivation, isolation, parental / family drug and or alcohol abuse and sex trafficked. The commitment to quit drugs and or stay in recovery doesn’t come easily either because most people don’t ever address the traumas and or mental illness.

Differences Between Mentally Illness and Psychiatrically Disabled

Trauma Informed Care of AddictsMental illness is regarded to deal with one’s thinking, emotions and behaviors that may be distorted. Psychiatrically disabled is when the mental illness substantially and or totally is interfering with a person’s day-to-day performance of activities of daily living, learning, employment, and or communication. If a drug addict has experienced traumas then it is fair to say there is also distinct possibility for the presence of a mental illness and or a psychiatric disability.  Many addicts do have depression, and feelings of sadness as well as loneliness. While providing Trauma Informed Care, its prudent to consider if there is reason to suspect an undiagnosed or previously existing untreated Mental Illness or a Psychiatric Disability.


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Trauma Informed Care For Addicts