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Internet Fun Games Information and SexInternet Fun Games Information and SEX. There is plenty of good stuff on the internet but I want to address the other stuff. I wanted talk a little about the deplorable stuff on the Internet that you and I can freely access. I am not even to going to discuss the dark web, which is a place I’d liken to Sodom and Gomorrah filled with illegal drugs, firearms, pedophiles and so much disreputable decay that its not appropriate for this platform.

As a professional stance, due to the nature and complexity of our line of work — educating healthcare professionals on Human Trafficking and Social Disparities — I must pay close attention what is on the Internet. I visit these unpleasant sites because I want to (1). verify what is out there and (2). understand to what extent they currently exist.

Internet Fun Games Information and SexInternet Fun Games Information and SEX. It is simply appalling to see the degree of debasement, and depravity of the content that is available on the Internet! I am no prude either, having served in the military and worked as a Professional Nurse in the Emergency Department, so I have seen my fair share of the seamier side of life. There is a plethora of Hookup sites and applications available for the phone and the Internet. If that is someone’s thing, to seek out a hookup, than I am not rendering judgement.

In 2018 President Trump passed the FOSTA and SESTA Bills. FOSTA and SESTA came about when the Feds were investigating first Craigslist and than Backpages. Reference: https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/4/13/17172762/fosta-sesta-backpage-230-internet-freedom


Internet Fun Games Information and SexI am not exactly certain how effective the FOSTA and SESTA Bills are to date because subsequent to their passage, there are a multitude of Escort Sites that are hosted outside the United States, but operating within our country. The extent of these Escort sites on the internet makes me realize that we have achieved zero control, and maybe even made the situation worse if that’s possible.

I spoke to a business associate who is a retired FBI Special Agent and Human Trafficking Investigator: we have the FOSTA and SESTA in place, so how come these escort sites are popping up like daisies? His reply was the Federal Government would have to hire X number thousands of Agents to investigate and enforce the law, but that is not likely going to happen.

Since the Federal Government has passed the FOSTA and SESTA to reduce the illegal sex trafficking online doesn’t it make sense follow all way through to achieve the intended outcome? As I said there are a multitude of Escort Sites on the Internet. Examples are CITY X GUIDE, ESCORT FISH, ESCORT INDEX, SKIP THE GAMES, RUB MAPS and several dozen more. (I am not going to provide a link, but they are easy enough to find on Google).

What’s to be done?

Internet Fun Games Information and Sex

11 women arrested for providing sexual services in massage parlors

Internet Fun Games Information and SEX. I am pro Law Enforcement and they are doing a very good job at cracking down on Fake Massage Parlors, running Police Stings and so on. But there is no way that Federal, State, County and Local Law Enforcement has the resources to crack down on all the Escort Sites! I don’t see that it’s possible that law enforcement alone can reduce online prostitution, which is illegal sex trafficking. I realize there are some people who make the voluntary choice to become a sex worker. I am specifically discussing the online Illegal Sex Trafficking as it related to the commercial sexual exploitation of children and women.

In my view, the Federal Government needs to outsource at least some investigation and enforcement to private companies staffed by former Law Enforcement personnel and Analysts to go after these Online Escort Sites. I am not talking about vigilantes either. I am talking about controlled, disciplined, experienced professionals who worked in law enforcement. My associate has such a company HTITI – Human Trafficking Investigation & Training Institute that is staffed by former Law Enforcement people. HTITI trains Law Enforcement and Hospital Security Officers on Human Trafficking.

It would make good sense for the Federal Government to consider such a proposal to outsource to private companies and I am certain you would also agree after seeing the widespread extent of the online Escort Sites available on the internet.