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Public Parks Where Anything Goes

Public Parks Where Anything Goes

Public Parks Where Anything Goes. Nothing irritates me more then to see multiple vehicles parked with heads bobbing up an down where I bring my children to play.
It was blazing hot, but my daughter wanted to go fishing the other day at the river, which runs close by our home. So, we are at the park trying different spots to fish. We go down the path by the National Guard Armory that sits up on the hill, and walk under the train trestle bridge to the other side of the park. There is a large pool over there which is deeper, and maybe the fish are at the bottom where the temperature is cooler.

We are in luck, and are catching and releasing a couple of bass and catfish. My daughter says she needs to go to the bathroom, so I say okay, we’ll head over to the public building by the parking lot, which has public facilities. She is holding my hand as we walk through the middle of the parking lot, with cars to our left and right.

My quick witted daughter says, “Daddy there are more cars than people. Where are the people?” Then, she asks, “what are the men in the cars doing?”

It’s a scorching hot and now in spite of the blazing heat, I am paying attention. as we are walking. I glance over at five or six cars all with one guy sitting upright and another head bobbing up.

Are you kidding me? This is a public park where people come to fish, picnic and kids play on the jungle gym. I am okay with people doing whatever they want, but not around a place for kids and families. 

I do little bit research and behold:

Public Parks Where Anything Goes. “The vast majority of men who come here are married,” said one longtime parking lot user, who like the other men interviewed there recently would not tell his name because of concerns ranging from embarrassment to fears of gay-bashing.

“I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve had here who were wearing wedding bands, with baby seats in the car and all kinds of kids’ toys on the floor. It’s on their way home and they don’t have to get involved in a relationship or any gay lifestyle or social circles. They don’t even have to buy anyone a drink or be seen in a gay bar. They just tell the wife, ‘Honey, I’ll be home an hour late tonight.”‘

Regulars say that the married men enjoy the risk and recklessness of semipublic sex, which usually means receiving oral sex in their cars or having other sexual encounters in the woods nearby. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/21/nyregion/a-sex-stop-on-the-way-home.html

There have to be some morals left in our society. There ought to be a place that is safe to bring my kids and family without this kind of thing happening. If people want to mug down, than go to a motel and rent a room by the hour. Its unfortunate in our society nothing seems to uphold basic ethics, morals, values or just choosing to do the right thing.