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Mindfulness in Nursing to Decrease Burnout

Mindfulness in Nursing to Decrease Burnout

Mindfulness in Nursing to Decrease BurnoutMindfulness in Nursing to Decrease Burnout. In professional nursing, the demands are constant as you work very hard to deliver optimum patient care. After a grueling shift at the hospital, clinic, doctors office, nursing home or ambulatory surgery center, the Nurse is tired and beat. Some work days, evening and nights two, three or more shifts in the row. After awhile it is easy to become mentally exhausted and burned out. Its easy to see why newer Nurses enter and leave the profession. Nursing can be rewarding and thankless. Working conditions of stress, physicians and colleagues are sometimes less then nice.

Depending on where you work, the job itself can be technically complex. Someone calls out and staffing is short then the nurse to patient load may increase. After hours standing, walking the feet, legs and back might be aching. You sometimes are so busy, you postpone going to the bathroom to urinate. Its can be looney tunes! Then you might have a demanding or needy patient and or family to add more stress into the mix. It you happen to be experiencing all this and working on a telemetry unit or critical care then you have IV Pumps and hemodynamic & ECG Monitoring. You might get a new admission. After a time you might come to the realization through self awareness that you cannot keep up this kind of relentless pace doing this thankless work.

Nursing is one of the few occupations that has little chance of decreasing the levels of stress because of the nature and complexity of the job. EMS, Firefighter and Police Officers also have stressful occupations. But they can take a break from it. Not the bedside Nurse whos is doing direct patient care. Any Nurse who has worked long years doing bedside direct care Nursing, should be canonized a saint or receive some sort of special notoriety.

Nine Strategies for Alleviating Nurse Burnouthttps://consultqd.clevelandclinic.org/nine-strategies-alleviating-nurse-burnout/




Mindfulness in Nursing to Decrease Burnout

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