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Bullied for dating a Trans Woman

Bullied for dating a Trans Woman

Bullied for dating a Trans Woman

20-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After Being Bullied for Dating a Transgender Woma

Bullied for dating a Trans Woman. There is nothing wrong a guy wanting to date a transgender woman. A guy certainly should not be bullied, ridiculed and tormented for wanting to be with person he cares about. If there is a good emotional, cognitive and or physical attraction, present, then I say go for it. People should be able to enjoy and be with whomever they wish, without the fear of be bullied. Living in a world free of bullying is how it should but unfortunately in our democracy its not like this.


Philadelphia Man Commits Suicide After Being Harassed for Dating Trans Woman

A young man named  Maurice Willoughby, age 20 and a resident of Philadelphia, PA found out how mean the world could be! He was bullied on the street and online for dating a Transgender woman. That is just wrong! Who is someone else to judge him for being with a transgender! The bullying escalated to a video being uploaded on social media showing Maurice being verbally bullied, and called homophobic and transphobic jeers.  Maurice was so deeply hurt and traumatized by these events, that he took his own life by intentionally overdosing.  Its really awful in 2019, that our society is still not able to be forgiving and tolerant. His girlfriend said that Maurice struggled with addiction and no wonder why.

Watch the video of Maurice Willoughby (minors should not be present due to vulgar language) : https://roguerocket.com/2019/08/21/philadelphia-man-commits-suicide-after-being-harassed-for-dating-trans-woman/


Philadelphia suicide throws ‘transamory’ into the spotlight

Bullied for dating a Trans WomanBullied for dating a Trans Woman. According to Kiara St. James, executive director of the New York Transgender Advocacy Group, said this moment is a time to teach people about the concept of “transamory,which she defined as people who are attracted to and seek out relationships with transgender people.

“Transamory has had many names,” St. James told NBC News. “One of the original names, which was more stigmatizing, was ‘tranny chaser,’ which we don’t use any more. But for a lot of community members, there were a lot of gentlemen who dated a series of trans women. The term was used to kind of say that they had a fetish for trans women.”
“I think that as we have evolved, we have understood that there are people out there who are transamorous, who intentionally seek trans women or trans men for relationships and, it’s something that’s ongoing,” St. James continued.



Its about time that people become nonjudgmental, tolerant and respect one another, without condemning those who are not like them.