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Mass Shootings 2019 in the United States

Mass Shootings 2019 in the United States

Mass Shootings 2019 in the United StatesMass Shootings 2019 in the United States. Today December 1, 2019, Jersey City NJ Kosher Supermarket Shootout. The ordeal was described as a warzone with hundreds of gunshots exchanged for hours. Assailants armed with long guns opened fire killing a Police Officer and three civilians. The perpetrators were a man and woman held up in a Jewish Kosher Supermarket shooting it out with the police.  Two Police Officers are wounded. Heavily armed SWAT Officers exchange gunfire killing the two perpetrators.  All Jersey City schools were all on lockdown.  Local civilians lined the street onlooking at the event behind the yellow police tape.

The deadly mayhem started when the slain officer was investigating a murder and approached two suspects — when one of them opened fire, shooting the officer in the head and killing him, law enforcement sources told NBC News. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/active-shooter-reported-jersey-city-new-jersey-n1099131

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38SeYVHJjd4

U.S. Shootings Almost Everyday

Mass Shootings 2019 in the United StatesLast week at Pearl Harbor Naval Base a sailor killed innocent people and himself. At Pensacola Naval Air Station a Saudi Arabian Air Force pilot shot and killed multiple innocent people before he was shot by police.

As of December 10th,  2019, there have been 424 mass shootings in the U.S. 

The number of mass shootings across the U.S. thus far in 2019 has outpaced the number of days this year, according to a gun violence research group. Before this year has even ended, 2019 has already had more mass shootings than any year since the research group started keeping track.

As of December 1, which is the 335th day of the year, there have been 385 mass shootings in the U.S., according to data from the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive (GVA), which tracks every mass shooting in the country. Twenty-nine of those shootings were mass murders.



Where Do We Live To Be Safe From U.S. Violence

Mass Shootings 2019 in the United StatesMass Shootings 2019 in the United States. As of December 1st, 2019, the United States has already had the highest number of Mass shootings since the year 2014. I am not certain there is a place that anyone can say is positively is safe from Gun Violence in the United States. Innocent people are gunned down at their Homes, Home invasions, Elementary and High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Supermarket,  places of Worship, historic community sections, bars/night clubs, private parties, drive-by-shootings, Concerts, Festivals, Celebrations, Walmart, Naval Bases, Municipal Building, parking lots, gas stations, in their vehicles, convenience stores (bodegas), basketball games, Police officers in the line of duty, restaurants, McDonalds, Candlelight vigil, local parks, playgrounds, hotels, casinos.


List of Mass Shootings in the United States – We Cannot Become Desensitized 


Mass Shootings in the United States The cartoon is depicted to illustrate that we cannot become desensitized to the horrific reality of the frequency in the U.S. of Gun Violence and Mass Shootings. We Cannot Become Desensitized. We need to care about Gun Violence and Mass Shootings because innocent lives are being erased. This kind of violence doesn’t occur in other modern countries BUT IT IS HAPPENING HERE AND MUST BE DEALT WITH.

Our country is so out of control with Gun Violence that frankly every single adult person who is mentally stable should consider the pros and cons of being armed with a concealed permit. Look at these shootings and realize that many, most of the victims were shot before the Police responded. I am not promoting vigilantism but the evidence is there that we live one very violent society. I doubt that even being self armed could prevent half of these tragedies. I would imagine being armed with handgun would prevent some of these from occurring assuming the perpetrators were deterred or an innocent person who get a shot off in self protection. If you are unarmed in the United States, are threatened, it may not come to even needing a firearm to protect oneself. Having a gun with concealed carry rights is an awesome responsibility. It is definitely not best for everyone to own or a have a gun on their persons. It is even arguable that carrying a gun on concealed permit could escalate a situation to end in shooting that might have been avoided. Criminals who choose to carry a weapon during the commission of a crime are not deterred if the victims are armed.

Pros & Cons of Concealed Carry: https://concealedguns.procon.org/

War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

War On Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

Deming, New Mexico Police Chief

War On Drugs Leads to Forced Enema. This is no sick joke and really happened to this poor bloke in City of Deming located in Hildago County, New Mexico. Police stopped David Eckert, age 54 and suspected him of carrying drugs inside his rectum. Police handcuffed, obtained a warrant from Luna County and took Eckert to hospital number one, which refused. So Police drove outside of Luna County, 50 miles to hospital number two, Gila Regional Medical Center, which is located in Grant County. There at Gila Medical Center, the physicians and nurse carried out these heinous procedures.

Eckert ended up with a $1.6 Million Dollars settlement from the City and County. In truth, that is not even enough money for the absolute horror, disgust, humiliation and brutality that Eckert endured.  It should have been $16 Million Dollars.


Hospital Billed Eckert $6,000.00 for unconsented procedures

War on Drugs Leads to Forced EnemaWar on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema. The police then drove Eckert 50 miles to the emergency room of the Gila Regional Medical Center, where doctors took X-rays of Eckert’s abdomen and performed a rectal examination. No drugs were found, so doctors performed a second rectal exam, again unavailing.

Doctors then gave Eckert an enema and forced him to have a bowel movement in the presence of a nurse and policeman, according to a lawsuit that Eckert filed. When no narcotics were found, a second enema was administered. Then a third.
The police left the privacy curtain open, so that Eckert’s searches were public, the lawsuit says.
After hours of fruitless searches, police and doctors arranged another X-ray and finally anesthetized Eckert and performed a colonoscopy.
“Nothing was found inside of Mr. Eckert,” the police report notes. So after he woke up, he was released — after 13 hours, two rectal exams, three enemas, two X-rays and a colonoscopy.

New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/26/opinion/sunday/kristof-3-enemas-later-still-no-drugs.html


War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

Eckert, continuously protested and did not consent, to the following.

War on Drugs Leads to Forced Enema

  • 2 x-rays – no narcotics found
  • 2 digital rectal exams – no narcotics found
  • 3 forced enemas – no narcotics found in feces
  • Colonoscopy under sedation – no narcotics found
  • The hospital sent Eckert a $6,000 bill.


Syracuse cops push St. Joe’s to probe man’s rectum for drugs; ‘What country are we living in?’

Video: https://www.syracuse.com/crime/2018/12/syracuse-cops-push-st-joes-to-probe-mans-rectum-for-drugs-what-country-are-we-living-in.html

To learn more about what is wrong with this misguided society: https://htrsd.org/

Shouldn’t we have empathy for Addicts

Shouldn’t we have empathy for Addicts

Shouldn't we have empathy for AddictsShouldn’t we have empathy for Addicts?  I should have empathy for them but sometimes I can’t find it in me. I have known enough of them in family, friends and patients to say the hell with them. But then on the other hand they are people too. Many addicts are cunning, creative and manipulative liars. Its staggering to see the level of creative deception that some will do to get money.  Mind boggling what lies, some will create to play out a kind person who is trying to help them. They should be playwrights in theatrical dramas or Who Done Its or Mystery Novels. Its hard to believe that someone using drugs with all their disorganized thought processes, can come up with the fantastic creative well prepared lies!


Have I been played out by an Addict?

Shouldn't we have empathy for AddictsThe answer is YES, I HAVE. My ex girlfriend stole all my family air looms;  jewelry, watches, precious gems and furs which totaled in over $100,000.00 loss if we were going to replace these. She even stole my 7 year old daughter’s jewelry and her Civil War Silver Dollars. She carefully and slowly over time methodically scraped us thin. To make a long story short, she was caught and confessed. Then was charged and pled guilty to take a lesser plea bargain agreement. Then I heard she had violated her probation to have more years tacked on. We never got the stolen items back because it was all pawned. The pawn broker who was found through a private detective had immediately gotten rid of the loot that he knew was stolen, and converted goods for cash. So NO I don’t have as much empathy for addicts, as I should. I don’t hate on them either. Because not all of them steal. But they do all lie and will turn your life into a living hell.


The ones who want to get clean and sober, do so.

Shouldn’t we have empathy for Addicts? The others, who get clean and some relapse, but I don’t know what the percentage is for those addicts who get off drugs versus staying off. Some statistics state that within the first year 40 to 60% of addicts relapse. The study compared itself diabetics who relapse using sugar products. I don’t think addiction relapse is quite the same as a diabetic eating milk chocolate.  I have not seen to many diabetics turning tricks prostituting to get that Hershey Chocolate bar. I have not seen to many diabetics stealing goods to get money for the Hershey Bar.


Addiction is not a disease

Shouldn't we have empathy for Addicts?

Chalkboard with the word ADDICTION written with an eraser

Shouldn’t we have empathy for Addicts? In fact, I don’t see addiction as a disease period and point blank. How can so many people have a disease? I think addiction can lead to disease, but in itself is not a disease. Government wants to call it a disease to justify all the millions of dollars issued for Federal Grants. The detox and rehabs need addiction classified as a disease so that insurances and Medicaid can be billed for rendering treatment. Addicts lie, manipulate, commit crimes of assault, burglary, child abuse, robbery, motor vehicle theft, shoplifting, prostituting. How can these behaviors of addiction be called a disease?

I have concluded that many Drug detox and rehabs aren’t successful. I base this on my personal field experience during graduate school. I did a one year nursing case management project in Camden, New Jersey. I case managed 68 homeless addicts living in a “Tent City”. I sought to help them get services from providers for dental, medical, mental health and substance abuse. Two thirds of this population volunteered that they had been detox and rehab multiple times. I understand that I lack evidence to support my statement so let it go at that. The detox and rehabs costs a lot of money but fail to keep a lot those who attend treatment off drugs.

According to the Bureau of Justice more than 18% of those in state prisons and 17% incarcerated in federal prisons committed their crimes to get money for drugs. In addition to this 26% of violent crimes were committed by someone who was using drugs or alcohol at the time they committed the crime.
Crimes like robbery, theft, fraud, and even rape and murder are committed (in a large percentage) but those under the influence of drugs.


I don’t think that addicts turning to crime to fuel their habiits is anything particularly new. I do think that law enforcement is now paying attention to possible addiction as a motivator behind why a person commits a crime. I don’t still don’t see how addiction can be classified as a disease?




Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. Sex work is consensual. Human Trafficking is NOT consensual. Sex Trafficking is covert and is NOT the same as voluntarily engaged in prostitution. We cannot defeat Sex Trafficking at its core by implementing police sting alone to arrests men paying a prostitute for sex. To attack the Core of Sex Trafficking requires a very clear cut enforcement strategy targeting investigations finding those who unwilling nonconsensual Victims and the Perpetrators.

Watch the Video: The War on Sex Trafficking is the New War on Drugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1NbKuQYrsE


Human Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. Human trafficking is when people are recruited or harbored, by threat or force, to be exploited, according to the United Nations. Mostly, it’s commercial sex or labor exploitation, and a victim does not need to be transported anywhere in order to fall under the definition. Sex Trafficking is covert and illegal, and precise information is not easy to get. The US State Department and trafficking hotlines are helping to paint a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Human trafficking wasn’t illegal until 2000, when the Trafficking Victims Protection Act was passed, which made it a federal crime.

The United States, along with Mexico and the Philippines, was ranked one of the world’s worst places for human trafficking in 2018. In the US, there is no official number of human trafficking victims, but estimates place it in the hundreds of thousands.

Since 2007, more than 49,000 cases of human trafficking in the US have been reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, which receives an average of 150 calls per day.

The most human trafficking cases have been reported in California, Texas, and Florida, according to the hotline. Las Vegas is also a hot spot due to the city’s culture and high rates of homelessness. But every state in the US has reports of human trafficking.

New York, and Queens in particular, is a documented destination for trafficking, because of its location on the eastern corridor, as well as being close to rural areas like Vermont. As Homeland Security assistant special agent Akil Baldwin told AM New York, “New York is the epicenter of everything, legitimate and illegitimate”.

It is estimated that between 18,000 and 20,000 victims are trafficked into the United States every year.

Children are more vulnerable than adults. They’re easier to control, cheaper, and less likely to demand working conditions, researchers explained. More than 300,000 young people in the US are considered “at risk” of sexual exploitation.

To read more go to: https://www.businessinsider.com/human-trafficking-in-the-us-facts-statistics-2019-7#children-are-more-vulnerable-than-adults-theyre-easier-to-control-cheaper-and-less-likely-to-demand-working-conditions-researchers-explained-more-than-300000-young-people-in-the-us-are-considered-at-risk-of-sexual-exploitation-7

The Department of Health and Human Services stated that 88% of all Human Trafficking Victims have seen a Healthcare Professional while in Captivity. Human Trafficking is said to be a $150 Billion Dollar Business Globally.  Human Trafficking Enforcement is becoming the newest and latest catch all disparity to bring forth the quest for resources. Of course, I dare say that Human Trafficking enforcement will bring to bare the revenue that drug treatment has brought. There is a plethora of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) sprouting up to combat Human Trafficking many which are seeking Federal Grants and Public Donations. There is a disproportionate number of Human Trafficker arrest and prosecutions compared to the number of Victims who are rescued under anonymity.


Law Enforcement Stings

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. There is an increase in Law Enforcement Stings taking place rounding up the “Johns” who are the customers paying for sex and the “Victims” who are the prostitutes. I believe there is disconnect that is withheld, which is that many of these “Victims” are in fact voluntarily working as prostitutes and are 18 years of age or older. If they are adults that are willingly working as prostitutes, then they do not meet the true definition of Sex Trafficking Victims. The fact that they may or may not be addicted to drugs is irrelevant.

So police are changing their tactics to reduce the demand for prostitution by going after the “Johns”. In the State of Ohio the Attorney General is seeking to enact a new law combat sex trafficking:

In a bid to use shame to deter the purchase of sex, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and a group of lawmakers want to post the names and photos of convicted “johns” and pimps in an online registry.
“Never underestimate the power of shame as a human motivator,” Yost said Wednesday afternoon in joining four lawmakers to unveil soon-to-be-introduced legislation targeting human trafficking.



Willing Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking

Consensual Prostitution is Not Sex Trafficking. I applaud Law Enforcement and the Attorney Generals who want to tackle prostitution and possibly help those driven by addiction. My criticism is that Sex Trafficking is covert and is NOT the same as those participants who are at age and voluntarily engaged in prostitution. These John Stings, and Registry are going after the men a who are responding to these Online Escort Websites like Adult Search, Escort Fish, Escort Index and Skip the Games. This type of law enforcement is not deterring the demand for Sex Trafficking Victims and the Perpetrators.

If law enforcement is not going to make that distinction between voluntarily Sex Work versus Sex Trafficking, then we are not getting to the core of Real Sex Trafficking. Defining and or labelling willing Prostitutes as Sex Trafficking Victims is not addressing the core of true Sex Trafficking. Much of the Sex Trafficking Victims, are not advertised Online on these Escort Websites. They are on the Dark Web and through scum bags like Jeffrey Epstein.

To Find Accredited Courses on Sex Trafficking: https://htrsd.org/all-courses/


Psychiatric Patients Assaulting Nurses

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting Nurses

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting NursesPsychiatric Patients Assaulting Nurses. I will get right to the point, if you are Nurse employed at a facility that is eliminating physically restraining dangerous patients, then get your health and life insurance paid. These ludicrous decisions are made by the leadership who are not in harms way. Did these facilities suddenly come up with a new method to deescalate psychiatric patient who is abusive, threatening and violent?  I think NOT!

Your Facility Leadership May be Placing You at Risks

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting Staff.  Your leadership obviously doesn’t give a damn about your safety and welfare. If during a violent patient altercation, you sustain a traumatic brain injury or lose your vision is the leadership going to be there for you? Some genius who is not in harms way has determined that it was cruel and inhumane to physically restrain psychiatric patients who are out of control. Staff are now going to be conditioned to try to use verbal de-escalation on psychotic patient who is outside his mind and a potential threat.

I don’t like having to restrain someone but it beats getting physically injured by a dangerous patient. I am not referring to an elderly patient with dementia. I am talking about the 6 foot 250 adolescent or adult male who was brought in by police following smoking Wet (marijuana laced with embalming fluid) or the same size guy who has been off his meds for three months. You can put up any claim you wish that physical restraints don’t work. But I will tell you from having worked as a Registered Nurse in inner city emergency departments, that sometimes it is necessary to restrain patients, and the method is effective. Of course the Nurse has to routinely monitor the patient and check the physical restraints.

The reasons to physically restrain someone was due to a patient who is violent or self-destructive or whose behavior jeopardizes the immediate physical safety of him- or herself or another person may meet the behavioral health requirements for restraints. Examples of such behaviors include:

  • hitting, kicking, or pushing
  • pulling on an I.V. line, tube, or other medical equipment or device needed to treat the patient’s condition
  • attempting to get out of a bed, chair, or hospital room before discharge, in patients who are confused or otherwise unable to follow safety directions.

Before using restraints, always explore alternatives for keeping the patient and others safe. When considering such options, discuss with the patient any conditions that may need to be addressed, such as pain, anxiety, fear, or depression. If distraction and other alternatives prove ineffective at calming the patient and he or she continues to pose a risk, consult with other healthcare team members.

Choosing the right restraint: https://www.americannursetoday.com/choosing-restraints/


Violence Against Nurses

Psychiatric Patients Assaulting NursesPsychiatric Patients Assaulting Staff. Violence against nurses is occurring in the news every week. I do empathize that physically restraining a patient is dehumanizing. But given the danger and risks for staff injury, the necessity to physically restrain a patient is far better then the Nurse getting their ass kicked by a deranged patient.  It goes right back to the people outside of harms way who are making these stupid executive decisions. If leadership is not going to put in measures to ensure that Nurses are protected then they get ready to be sued.

Its a fact that Nurses are more likely to be injured by assault then a Corrections Officer and Police Officer. Imagine that you the Nurse is working to care for patients and evidence states that you are more likely to incur injury from patient then law enforcement.

Studies show over and over again that violence against healthcare workers has become a rising epidemic.

Violence Against Nurses Higher Than Most Professions

The prevalence of workplace violence in health care remains higher than most professions.

  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 75 percent of nearly 25,000 workplace assaults reported annually in health care and social service settings.
  • The National Crime Victimization Survey showed health care workers have a 20 percent higher chance of being the victim of workplace violence than other workers.
  • The American College of Emergency Physicians reported that 70 percent of emergency physicians have reported acts of violence against them, yet only 3 percent pressed charges.

So many people don’t want to talk about it. They think they will be in trouble if they talk at work about being assaulted.

In healthcare, workers provide the safety and care for the patients. But they end up in a conflicted situation. They have to decide if they are going to protect themselves or their patients in certain violent situations, Simpson says.

Nurses feel like it is just part of the job to deal with abusive language, threats and the violence. But patients showing signs of agitation or aggression should be identified as high-risk to prevent an act of violence.


Nurses Say Violent Assaults Against Healthcare Workers Are a Silent Epidemic:


Nurses working in acute care facilities do not deal with steady stream of psychiatric patients and yet they are incurring violence. Can one imagine the frequency of violence that the Nurses working inside psychiatric facilities, which may incur with the advent of the new push to eliminate physical restraints?


Violence Against Nurses: The New Epidemic: https://htrsd.org/all-courses/

The Hard Is What Makes It Great

The Hard Is What Makes It Great

The Hard Is What Makes It Great: We have to work hard as a Team to make a Marriage Work!

The Hard Is What Makes It Great. I will get right to it, unless there is some health reason preventing intimacy, there is no point whatsoever that two people in a relationship should not work hard at their marriage. Intimacy, caring, kindness, respect and mutual love for one another are essential to a healthy relationship.  I am no expert on marriage, but a couple’s intimacy is the sharing and receiving of each other. Some people for an innumerable reasons, to many to mention; choose to withhold intimacy from the other partner. There is no surprise why the affected partner feels unattractive, undesired by the very person that they themselves desire and find attractive. All these feelings of rejection adversely contribute to feeling poorly about oneself.


Don’t Be Egotistical and Intolerant

Two silver wedding rings linked together

The Hard Is What Makes It Great. You both got married for a reason, which is hopefully because you love one another. Well you have to work at a marriage for it to be successful. You don’t bail because it gets tough. What did Tom Hanks say in the movie “A League of Their Own”? The Hard is What Makes It Great. Its kind of true, that if you work hard at something and put in the effort to nurture it, the actual feeling of satisfaction is from the hanging in there and fighting for the right to stay married.

I would not give a plug nickel for a person who is an egotistical and petulant little shit who cannot look at themselves inwardly to realize that they might be intolerant and unreasonable. Most of marital problems are caused by “ego”, which is a dangerous thing. A big ego, that is unharnessed can destroy a marriage. Ego is about me, me, me, and I, I, I.

In an argument, often times, people are convinced that they are speaking the truth, when fact most of the delivery is garnered by the “ego”. Ego is comes into the light as a protection from our fear. Not many of us like facing or admitting to our fears. For both partners to make a marriage work they must overcome the fears from the past, present or even for the future. All that fear that we try to keep inside us, is just plain baggage. The ego keeps us treading water in a pool of fear. But to get past this, we need to control our ego, which is done by admitting our fears to our self and our partner. It takes a lot of guts to look your partner in the face and admit that you have fears. That is real growth.

Most marriages can work if people commit to control their intolerances, the ego and can admit the fears to one self and to your partner.

Article: How the ego destroys your relationship and marriage. (and how to fix it): https://medium.com/@divinemasculine/how-the-ego-destroys-your-relationship-marriage-and-how-to-fix-it-a4d6049cf51


Be Selfless, Kind and Positive

When is the last time, you did a kindness for your partner without expecting something in return. Maybe your partner likes those chocolate fudge brownies at the local shop. It might be inconvenient to walk or ride over there. But go pick some up and bring them home. The act of unsolicited, kind, and selfless doing shows that they matter to you. You want to add value to the relationship, then stick with being selfless, kind and positive. Once you do something for someone, don’t stand there expecting to get a reward of a cookie in return. You did it because they matter to you. Hopefully they reciprocate for you by bringing home those golden delicious apples, you enjoy.


Don’t Ask Why

Asking “WHY” in an argument is a recipe for a downward spiral. Don’t preface any sentence with the adverb “Why”. As children, we were wired to question WHY? You should avoid asking WHY at home, school, and at work because it places the other party on an automatic defense as if they are being judged. Upon hearing the word WHY it feels kike we are accused. It might be better to ask What motivated you to do this or that?


Finding Mutual Enjoyment

The Hard Is What Makes It Great. Each of you should respect one another. You do have separate lives. You may have separate hobbies a long with one or both working a job. You may have children and pets.  But for goodness sakes, it costs nothing to be genuinely kind, considerate and affectionate to each other. I recently heard the excuse “when I was younger I was really into sex, but now that I am older, not so much”.  So at age 35 your sexual drive has plummeted below sea level?

How about hugging, kissing, caressing or some act of physical kindness to make each other feel wanted and appreciated. You may engross yourself in a litany of activities, none of which is conducive to sharing time with one another. So inevitably there a drifting apart, which is contrary to the social purpose of marriage. At the end the day, you are tired, ready for bed. Is it to hard to reach over to give your spouse a warm affectionate hug and kiss. As for those separate activities, maybe you could select to watch a television series you both enjoy like Downton Abbey, which is an intriguing story of both the lives of a British Aristocracy Family and their Servants. You will learn a lot about people in the series and may be something more about yourself. Maybe Downton Abbey is not your thing, so instead select something you both will enjoy together.

Downton Abbeyhttps://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/shows/downton-abbey/


HTRSD.ORG: https://htrsd.org/all-courses/







Federal Justice System Incompetence

Federal Justice System Incompetence

Federal Justice System Incompetence

James & Michelle Butler – need not be dead, had Federal Justice System competently performed its job.

Federal Justice System Incompetence. Husband and wife both found dead, buried on Padre Island Beach, Corpus Christi area of the State of Texas.  James and Michelle Butler, went missing in October 2019. Adam Curtis Williams, age 33, arrested on 11/06/2019 in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. Williams traveling with Amanda Noverr, crossed into Mexico driving the Butlers 2018 Silver Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck towing a Cedar Creel RV, which belonged to the Butlers. The media reports that Amanda Noverr, was also traveling with her 3 year old daughter.




Federal Justice System Incompetence.

William Curtis Adams

Federal Justice System Incompetence. Just Look at the list of the criminal events followed by the absolute incompetence:

(1). Adam Curtis Williams served 8 years in Federal prison for a 2010 Drug Trafficking and Weapons conviction.
(2) He was released from Federal Prison in December 2018.
(3) He violated his Supervised Parole Release 3 Times.
(4) In July 2019, at his Probation Revocation Hearing, the Judge ruled Williams could remain free under Supervised Release.
(5) In August 2019, in the State of Utah, Williams was charged with Domestic Violence and Assault of a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.
(6) In September 2019, Williams was charged with Rape, Sodomy a and Forced Sexual Abuse for an incident that took place in April 2019.
(7). In May 2019, Williams was charged with Possession of Heroin and Drug Paraphernalia.
(8). On October 8, 2019, Williams did not report to the Court Hearing in Utah, for the August 2019 Charges.
(9). Williams is in the Kleberg County Jail, Texas on $1 Million Bail

How could a Federal Judge in good standing, competently justify releasing Williams, after he has violated his Probation 3 Times? Then look what he has done. Where is the common sense and the ethical moral judgement in good faith to protect the citizens?

Adam Curtis Williams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: http://Adam Curtis Williams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Federal Justice System Incompetence.

In Texas. Criminal Justice Will Be Served

Federal Justice System Incompetence. Adam Curtis Williams has met his match in the State of Texas where Criminal Justice is swift and certain. If convicted of Felony Theft Murder, Williams will receive a well deserved Lethal Injection Cocktail complements of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC). His goose is as good as cooked in the State of Texas.

Kleberg County’s Sherriff Department and Prosecutors Office has committed 100% of the efforts to bring all persons involved in James and Michelle Butlers deaths to Justice. One thing, I like about the State of Texas, is that the Criminal System brings its offenders to Justice to answer for their crimes.


Suspects linked to New Hampshire couple’s deaths found in Mexico:



Sexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites

Sexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites

Sexual Predation of Amish and MennonitesSexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites. An old world religious culture is a sinister life of secrecy for many of its women members.  In this male dominated community where women and girls are treated as property. It is the perfect breeding ground for sex abuse and incest. The sole purpose is perseveration of the Amish and Mennonite communities, which has little exposure to the greater world.


How Sexual Abuse is Handled Within The Community

Sexual Predation of Amish and MennonitesSexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites. When a man is discovered to have abused his children, he is shunned for 6 weeks. No one will speak or eat with him in the community. After the 6 weeks of penance and silence, he is forgiven before God and taken back into the church community. He returns home to his house with the children and his spouse. Neither the children nor the spouse are offered any type of protections. Obviously he is not going to stop sexually abusing.


Sexual Predation of Amish and MennonitesMrs. Dueck, 48, a mother of five who until recently attended Mennonite churches, launched the organization to provide everything from public education to behind-the-scenes advocacy for abuse victims among the Plain People.

She said that since childhood — when she went to a small Mennonite church school in Kentucky where she counted as many as seven families with victims of sexual abuse — she has seen too many cases covered up by churches. Too many cases where victims were shamed, where girls were blamed as temptresses despite wearing the prescribed coverings and long dresses, where the abused were told to forgive the abusers who made a show of repentance.

She said she started this work “because I am a survivor. I knew that something had to change.”

Never Alone: https://newsinteractive.post-gazette.com/coverings/amish-mennonite-sexual-abuse-support-podcasts-advocacy-victims/

Our Mennonite Friend

Sexual Predation of Amish and Mennonites. My family bought a Spaniel Puppy named Nigel from a nice Mennonite woman by the name (R). We found the ad online and she had a friend from the mainstream run. We called the phone number on the ad and made arrangements to come see the puppy. To make a long story short, we bought the puppy and he is great little guy. We have returned many times over a course of years. We got to know the (R), her sisters, brothers and parents.  (R) is more gregarious and shared how she and her sisters are sexually abused by the male family members. (R) said that because of all the sexual abuse, her younger sister, left the community to go live in the city. Sexual abuse is very rampant in Lancaster County Pennsylvania among the Mennonite and Amish communities.  The victims are both adults and children. The predators are family members and members of the community.


Some Predators Have Been Arrested and Prosecuted

The Amish do not educate the children on the basics of sex or good touch versus bad touch. So children are not aware of inappropriate touching or advances. Neither the parents or the community educate their children on known predators and rapist living in their community. One Amish’s story of abuse starting at age 4 and it lasted into her teens:


Torah Bontrager’s betrayal by those closest to her began at age four. In the shielded-from-view world of her Amish community, her ordeal started with severe parental physical and verbal abuse followed by uncles’ serial rapes. At 15, Torah fled to the false safety of a divorced paternal uncle in Montana who, shortly after her arrival, raped her more times than she could remember over the course of 7 months.

Survivor Speaks Out Against Amish Rape Culture Ahead of Sentencing:



Opioid Subculture is Sustainable

Opioid Subculture is Sustainable

Opioid Subculture is Sustainable Opioid Subculture is Sustainable. Every 11 minutes someone is dying from an opioid overdose but none of that deters addicts from using. People have difficulty accepting that the Opioid addiction is a chronic relapsing disease. Those that are actively using opioids live within a sustainable subculture, which revolves around foraging for money to buy drugs, cigarettes and maybe some food.  I can tell you with great certainty, that no opioid addict will enter into treatment until they are ready to do so.  Many addicts have already tried multiple treatment modalities from Detox, Inpatient rehab, Intensive Outpatient, Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex and the Vivitrol Injection. Many have gotten sober and relapsed to go back to using opioids. Some who relapsed have returned to sobriety and others continued with the addiction.


The single biggest reason America is failing in its response to opioid epidemic: 



Adapting To The Mainstream Life 

Opioid Subculture is Sustainable Opioid Subculture is Sustainable. I like to refer to the social environment that we non-addicts live in as the mainstream life. In the mainstream, we go to our job, pay for our housing, bills and come home after work to take care of our children. To be successful in the mainstream lifestyle did not happen overnight and to stay stable within it requires us to practice diligence. Some of use may have a job, a trade or a profession with economic growth and advancement. We may have started at age 18 or later at 22 after attending college.

For most people who are getting clean and sober, they will experience varying degrees of difficulty navigating into the mainstream life. Its not impossible to enter into the mainstream and it is certainly doable, if they have some measure of support. I fervently believe a good support mentor is crucial to anyone coming away from addiction into recovery.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Opioid Subculture is Sustainable

Opioid Subculture is Sustainable. One of my greatest criticisms of drug rehabilitation is how do they negotiate to getting the basic needs met in the mainstream life? Where are they going to live? How is the rent and the basics going to be paid? How will they find a job? What if they have felony records and active warrants? In thinking about Maslow’s Hierarchy, beginning with Physiological Needs –  a person will need suitable shelter, water, food, sleep and clothing. Safety needs – personal security, employment, resources, health and property. Love and Belonging – friendship, family, sexual intimacy.



Why Opioid Addicts Resist Getting Clean

Opioid Subculture is Sustainable

If the recovering addict doesn’t have the support from family and friends, to assist with the basics, then how do they successful achieve the Physiological Needs? If they go live in the shelter, will this provide that person with a suitable atmosphere to stay clean?  It is easy to see why so many opioid addicts fail at recovery and resist getting clean, when they know what works for them. They know that for the past years, they have been successful at foraging for money to buy drugs, cigarettes, food, while living as an urban survivalist. Society as a whole is talking about the Opioid Epidemic because we feel a sense of morality to fix it. The overdose deaths is the reason why society wants to address the Opioid Epidemic. The deaths are the reason why its called an Opioid Epidemic. We can learn the most from the ones who are successful at overcoming opioid addiction and remaining in recovery.

I believe that many opioid addicts accept their plight in life. They lack the family and friends to provide emotional support. This is the reason why most addicts are resistant to go into treatment. They know that entering into mainstream life will be an uphill battle or a vertical climb. Its easier to just stay put surviving and foraging within a sustainable drug subculture. Perhaps for some, the drug subculture offers them a feeling of safety with a predictable lifestyle.





Bumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses

Bumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses

Bumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses

Afghan Opium Production

Bumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses. Across the United States for opioid addicts there is a bumper crop of overdoses. An opioid overdose occurs every 11 minutes, which translates into 5 an hour, 120 a day, 840 a week, 3,600 a month and 43,200 a year.


These statistics are alarming to us, but they are not a deterrence to the addicts. The surgeon general advised that civilians should carry naloxone to resuscitate a victim. Here is the hard and fast truth about opioid addicts. No one can make them quit using opioids until they are ready to do. If they are locked up in the jail, by default they will get clean. If they are released, the vast majority will go right back to using opioids again.


The Addicts Lifestyle Is Sustainable

Bumper Crop of Opioid OverdosesBumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses.  I hear people say that addicts have to hit rock bottom to realize that they need help and that may be true for some addicts. But I can tell you, the ones I have seen roaming around in Camden New Jersey and the Kensington Section of Philadelphia, look like rock bottom was last year.  As non-addicts we look at an addicts life and find very hard to understand why they don’t want to quit using opioids and get clean? We think that their lifestyle is lousy but to them it is perfectly sustainable. In most cities, there are shelters, homeless kitchens and even locations to get free clothing and a coat. These people are true urban survivalist. Some live on the streets, but others live in tents under bridges or overpasses. Some are squatting in abandoned buildings. Females may meet up with a Pimp and live with that person. She might work the street or do online escort work. The pimp furnishes the drugs, food, cigarettes and housing. The men coming to pick up the girls to get it done in the car, or a motel. Some other addicts are shoplifting and then try to sell whatever was stolen. Others are panhandling for money on the street corner. Still others are burglarizing homes in suburbia and pawn off what was stolen.

It might seem very hard to believe that an addict’s lifestyle is completely sustainable because they live in their own subculture. They forage all day long to scope out the who, what, when, where and how they are going to get the money to buy a bag. Some help one another with a bag or half a bag of dope. They sell each other loosies (loose cigarettes). They don’t usually go anywhere because they are tethered to wherever they getting the drugs. Some do actually live in the private residences with their family. Some go see their children on the weekends.

Just because it is sustainable, opioids is a cruel addiction because the longer they are on the drug, the more they need. The longer they use it, the less pleasurable is the effect. Some addicts tell me that they don’t get high. They use to just feel right and I am not certain exactly what that means other then not feeling sick. If they do not use soon, they get stressed and irritable.  A lot of addicts prefer the heroin cut with Fentanyl because its makes them very high.

Its a vicious cycle of hell because the more they use, the more the brain adapts to opioids and the more they need. So these people just keep on using opioids and performing the necessary steps to keep up with their addiction. I have often said that addicts are not lazy, because they have to work at their addiction much like we do a regular job. It takes a lot diligence to be a successful addict.


Opioid Addiction Can Make Some People Do Most Anything

Bumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses.  If they cannot buy the drug, then they eventually experience the very worst flu of their life. The whole effect will come crashing inward with chills, shakes, cramps, irritability, depression, anxiety, vomiting, and diarrhea. People say they feel like their skin is crawling. An opioid withdrawal can happen like nothing they have ever experienced. I hate when I am sick with a flu virus, which causes nausea and vomiting. It is perfectly understandable why people become desperate and solely focused on getting right to avoid the opioid withdraw.

I had a girlfriend who was a Nurse. She was a beautiful, bright, energetic woman with a kind heart or so I thought. She lived with me and outwardly, I never knew at first she was an opioid addict. By the time, I found out it was to late, because she had stolen and pawned off every bit precious things I had. I did finally entrap her over the telephone. I told her that I had installed cameras and recorded her stealing things from my home. She fessed up and I still charged her. The police arrested her and the case went to pretrial mitigation. She went on felony probation. Yes, I ended the relationship.

I felt like if I did not charge my ex girlfriend, that she might not ever stop using opioids. Her family had said via email that she was on methadone. I later heard that she relapsed and violated probation, which added on more years.  She stole in the vicinity of $80,000 of belongings from me and my 10 year old daughter. I am a single parent and some of the things that were left to my daughter by my wife who died from ALS and my Mom. It was really hurtful.  When someone you love, does that to you its a real violation of ethical and moral trust. I was emotionally hurt for a long time. I was more sad about her stealing from us, then the loss of the things.


Disease Versus Choice

Bumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses.  Did you know that the Addiction Treatment Business, is almost a $40 Billion Dollar a year business? That is how much money is coming into the addiction treatment centers in the United States. Now of course the addiction centers support that addiction is a disease. If it was not a disease, there would be no monetary reimbursements from insurance. Classifying addiction as a disease legitimizes billing out for the services rendered and the federal grants that go to the not-for-for profit centers.  Regardless if addiction is a choice or a disease, one undeniable fact is that no one can make an addict quit using drugs until they are ready to get help. I am a Registered Nurse and I have worked with plenty of addicts. I am caught in the middle as to whether addiction is a choice or a disease. I really don’t know if it is a disease or a choice. I do know that addiction does lead to other diseases.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse “No matter how they ingest the drug, chronic heroin users experience a variety of medical complications, including insomnia and constipation. Lung complications (including various types of pneumonia and tuberculosis) may result from the poor health of the user as well as from heroin’s effect of depressing respiration. Many experience mental disorders, such as depression and antisocial personality disorder. Men often experience sexual dysfunction and women’s menstrual cycles often become irregular. There are also specific consequences associated with different routes of administration. For example, people who repeatedly snort heroin can damage the mucosal tissues in their noses as well as perforate the nasal septum (the tissue that separates the nasal passages).

Medical consequences of chronic injection use include scarred and/or collapsed veins, bacterial infections of the blood vessels and heart valves, abscesses (boils), and other soft-tissue infections. Many of the additives in street heroin may include substances that do not readily dissolve and result in clogging the blood vessels that lead to the lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain. This can cause infection or even death of small patches of cells in vital organs. Immune reactions to these or other contaminants can cause arthritis or other rheumatologic problems.

What are the medical complications of chronic heroin use?




Addicts are Masters of Manipulation

An addict is a master of manipulation. If you ever confronted with the dilemma of whether you should help out an addict with money? My response is a resounding NO. Don’t ever give them money,  even they threaten to let a group of men run a train on them for 20 dollars. The reason is because the asking for more money will not ever stop. Don’t enable an addict by giving them money. They are manipulative masters at trying to guilt you into believing they are going to kill themselves. If they threaten suicide, pick up the phone, dial 911 for the police. They will be taken by EMS to the local psychiatric crisis center for evaluation. Better to be safe then sorry. Someone at the psychiatric crisis unit may be be able to influence them to enter detox and rehab.

If you have a friend or loved one who is opioid addicted, chances are they might steal right out from underneath your nose to pawn off anything for money. You might have a daughter, sister, or girlfriend who is threatening to go prostitute on the street or become an escort. Let them go and don’t give them money. If you start giving money, then you are creating a perfect storm for the day that you are pull back the enabling.  Your loved one or friend will become Michael Myers from the horror movie Halloween and rip you a new one with nasty and filthy language like you can’t believe.

If you are struggling with dealing with an Addict there is help available:

SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)


Addiction is a chronic disorder where relapse is common for addicts who are in recovery. Every addiction case is separate and distinct. For some sobriety can occur within a few months and while others struggle for more then 20 years.

In the Vietnam war, there was a widespread epidemic of marines and soldiers who were addicted to heroin. The federal government fearing the worst  that military personnel would be returning to the United States from war as addicted veterans, mandated that no one could return home without a clean urine drug screen. Those that failed the urine drug screen stayed in Vietnam until they were clean and had a negative urine drug screen. The Vietnam war is significant, because this was the first evidence that people addicted to heroin (opioids) could get clean and sober without drug treatment because none was offered.

Hold Their Feet To The Fire

Bumper Crop of Opioid Overdoses. Do you really want to struggle with an addicts addiction until it destroys your health and wellbeing?  Don’t feel sorry for these people so much so that your own mental and physical health is affected. If they come asking for help, then by all means assist them if you can. If they are playing you out then send them out the door. If they refuse to leave, then call the police. Dealing with an addict can wreck your life. Don’t let their addiction destroy your mental and physical wellbeing.

As you have read earlier, the marines and soldiers in the Vietnam War overcame opioid addiction with no treatment. Fortunately today there is treatment available such as Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol Injection, 5 to 7 day detox, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient. Help is available if the person is committed to get clean and sober. A person with an opioid addiction must have a burning desire to get off the drugs.

Check out our website: www.HTRSD.ORG


Understanding Addiction: https://htrsd.org/courses/understanding-addiction-new/

Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death

Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death

Every 11 Minutes Another Overdose Death. How many people have to die from opioid overdoses, before there is political and social policy change? Every eleven minutes a new person has overdosed and died, which translates into over 5 an hour, 130 a day, 3,927 a month, 47,127 a year and those estimates are on the…

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She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick

She Shouldn’t Have To Suck Dick. Many women who are addicted to opioids, mainly Heroin, support their addiction performing sex for money. The title is crude, but it gets the point across that some addicts sell their bodies to support addiction. Prostitution is said to be one of worlds oldest professions. I am certainly not…

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Safe Injection Sites Save Lives

Safe Injection Sites Save Lives

Safe Injection Sites Save Lives. Drugs are bought and sold on the street. Addicts find a spot to inject and many overdose. Drug paraphernalia is left on the streets, in playgrounds and the parks. Not surprisingly community leaders, politicians, law enforcement, healthcare and the public are scope locked on this opioid epidemic asking what in…

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Casual Dating or Hookup

Casual Dating or Hookup

Casual Dating or Hookup.  Doublelist.com is one of thousand online sites with people alluring to hookup casually with one another. Other sites like Tinder, Adult Friend Finder, e Harmony or Match.com There are casual dating and hookup advertisements are for nearly every desire and orientation. People might be doing it for the adventure, newness or…

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Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity

Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity

Women Auctioning Off Their Virginity.  Young women auctioning off their virginity online to the highest bidder, might be for some very difficult to fathom and for others who support it, they believe that woman should reserve the right to decide for themselves. It draws to one of the questions of the ages, as to who…

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NLP Hypnosis Rape

NLP Hypnosis Rape

NLP Hypnosis Rape. Ohio Divorce Attorney Michael W. Fine used Neuro Linguistical Programing NLP to maliciously hypnotize his female clients and sexually assault them. Divorce is an emotional and stressful event. When people are seeking divorce representation, they maybe experiencing stress and are in a vulnerable state. Michael Fine was finally discovered by the police…

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People who publicly masturbate

People who publicly masturbate

People who publicly masturbatePeople who publicly masturbate. What is up with men who masturbate in public? Consider this, my wife and I are driving in my truck on a three lane interstate. We are in the far left lane  and pass a vehicle in the middle one. My wife blurts out; hey that guy is jerking off and smiling! I exclaimed, what! Sure enough, I glance over to see his hand going up and down flogging himself.

I am thinking of myself why people do this sort of lude thing? In review of the explanations available online, there are a number of reasons why someone chooses to expose oneself or do a lude sex act publicly. Some reasons are they are angry at women and shocking and or humiliating gives a sense of power. The man gets aroused to maliciously create fear for the woman. The man hates himself and is addicted to his own shame.  A man may expose himself to reassure his manhood is intact. I know it is common because we saw in the vehicle and a similar event happened to a girlfriend in college. Masturbating in public is exhibitionism, which is a mental disorder. It is illegal to publicly commit a sexual act and or expose one’s genitals. It is also an assault and sexual harassment, if a consent was not given.

Women being masturbated in public, isn’t as rare as you might think

People who publicly masturbate. According to the author of this article, he tweeted one woman’s experience of being masturbated at this morning, the response was overwhelming. A deluge of replies flooded in from women who had experienced the same thing. From grandmothers to girls who were six when it first happened, their reports came from London, Sydney, Frankfurt, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Ukraine, Peru, and even Vatican City. Within two hours, over 400 women and girls had come forward with their own experiences of being masturbated at.

To read more about the article: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/womens-blog/2014/jun/26/women-being-masturbated-at-in-public

People who publicly masturbate. For me, the whole public exhibitionism adversely affects my moral compass. Moreover with regards my wife’s experience, it just pisses me off that someone has no regard. But getting past the moral issue and the angry, I wonder if that kind of exhibitionism behavior could lead to an uncontrollable desire to commit sexual assault and or violence against women? The reason I ask this question, is because psychologist have said that pornography affects people differently. That there are some people who have a uncontrolled urge to seek even more provocative  intense kinds of porn.  Could that same rationale apply to some men who are public exhibitionist?

People who publicly masturbate

Read about Sexual Assault Victims: Role of the Nurse: https://htrsd.org/product/sexual-assault-victims-role-of-the-nurse/

Bullied for dating a Trans Woman

Bullied for dating a Trans Woman

Bullied for dating a Trans Woman. There is nothing wrong a guy wanting to date a transgender woman. A guy certainly should not be bullied, ridiculed and tormented for wanting to be with person he cares about. If there is a good emotional, cognitive and or physical attraction, present, then I say go for it….

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Legalizing and Managing Opioid Addiction

Legalizing and Managing Opioid Addiction

Legalizing and Managing Opioid Addiction. Fentanyl is an ingredient that drug dealers add to Cocaine or Heroin to make the drugs more potent and it is the major contributor to lethal overdoses. Drug dealers can reduce their costs by adding Fentanyl as an ingredient. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid painkiller for treating severe pain. To…

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Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims

Investors: IRS Whistleblower Claims. In Southern portion of the State of New Jersey, there are 80 suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (IMBs). In the entire State of New Jersey there are over 400 IMBs. Throughout the United States, there are 9,000 IMBs dispersed throughout all 50 States. These IMBs pay no more then 5% of the…

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