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 Artificial Intelligence Coming To Healthcare

The movie the Bicentennial Man starring the late and great actor Mr. Robin Williams

Artificial Intelligence Coming to Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence is commonly abbreviated (AI). The movie Bicentennial Man starring Robin Williams is a Hollywood depiction of AI. It was an entertaining  movie and if you missed it, than I encourage you to watch it. Its a movie about Andrew Martin a Robot named by his family who purchased him. The movie is about Andrew’s quest to transform himself into becoming recognized as a human being. There is a lot good stuff that includes artificial organ development in the movie and I hope you enjoy it.

 Artificial Intelligence Coming to Healthcare  Artificial Intelligence Coming to Healthcare.  AI is called the machine learning discipline. AI will continually evolve to efficiently and rapidly perform task that humans do such as decision-making, speech recognition, visual perception, and translation between languages. AI is shaped from the academic disciplines to include; computer software & programming, linguistics; understanding language e.g. Amazon’s Alexa, high level computational mathematics, neuroscience; for deep learning of the human brain and nervous system, philosophy; probably so it can recite Socrates and Plato, and psychology; to outwit us.

AI is the Big $$ Vertical

 Artificial Intelligence Coming to Healthcare Back in the 1990’s the big vertical was computers. Some startup business plans were created on a dinner napkin. Nowadays the big vertical is AI. The wealthy venture capital firms are lining to capture fortunes from AI investments.

AI College Majors

Artificial Intelligence Coming to Healthcare. The Colleges and universities are competing for undergraduate and graduate majors in Computer Science, Engineering, Predictive Analytics, Robotics. You can even take an AI Short Course at MIT or UC Berkeley. Back in the 1990’s I was not on the stick with jumping into computers and later had to play catch up. I am not going to allow that to happen again so I am going to take an AI Short Course.

Read about the 25 Best Artificial Intelligence Colleges: https://successfulstudent.org/best-artificial-intelligence-colleges/

AI in Healthcare

 Artificial Intelligence Coming to Healthcare  Artificial Intelligence Coming to Healthcare. Artificial intelligence simplifies the lives of patients, doctors and hospital administrators by performing tasks that are typically done by humans, but in less time and at a fraction of the cost.
One of the world’s highest-growth industries, the AI sector was valued at about $600 million in 2014 and is projected to reach a $150 billion by 2026.
AI has countless applications in healthcare. Whether it’s being used to discover links between genetic codes, to power surgical robots or even to maximize hospital efficiency, AI has been a boon to the healthcare industry.
Whether it’s used to find new links between genetic codes or to drive surgery-assisting robots, artificial intelligence is reinventing — and reinvigorating — modern healthcare through machines that can predict, comprehend, learn and act.

Read more: https://builtin.com/artificial-intelligence/artificial-intelligence-healthcare

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